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no algebraic expressions do not have equal signs but equations do.

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Q: Do algebraic expressions have equals signs?
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What algebra problems have no equal signs?

Algebraic expressions.

What are parts of algebraic expressions that are separated by plus or minus signs?

If I remember correctly, they are called terms.

What is a process for evaluating expressions called?

Algebraic expressions can be simplified by combining together like terms but there are no solution because they don't contain equality signs

How do you classify algebraic expressions?

Algebraic expressions are terms that do not include an equality sign

Why are algebraic expressions called variables?

Algebraic expressions may contain variables but they are not normally called variables. In fact, if they are related to identities, they need not be variable. For example, (4x2 + 8xy + 4y2)/(x + y)2 is an algebraic expression, but it is not a variable: it equals 4.

How do you do -9 plus 7y plus 4-3y equals Simplify Algebraic Expressions?

4y -5

Are algebraic expressions needed in an equation?

Yes normally because the LHS expression equals the RHS expression

How are algebraic expressions and equations alike?

Algebraic expressions are the written relations of or between variables. For example, x2, 1/x, and x + y + z are all algebraic expressions. Algebraic equations are simply algebraic expressions that equate to something. For example, x2 = 4, 1/x = y, and x + y + z = 42 are all algebraic equations. In general, one differentiates algebraic expressions from exponential, trigonometric, hyperbolic, and logarithmic expressions by requiring algebraic expressions to be confined to polynomial expressions. I've added a link regarding polynomials below.

Does an equation have an equal sign?

yes. equations have an equals signs and expressions don't

Does expression not contain an equal sign?

All expressions DO contain equals signs.

Which statement is true about the system x-3y5 and yx-7?

That they are both algebraic expressions because they do not contain any equality signs.

Non-examples of a formula?

Algebraic expressions can't be considered to be formulae or equations because they don't contain equality signs.