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Some problems can be, others cannot.

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A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: How can problems be represented using numbers symbols and in diagrams?
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What are the symbols use in a base five numeral system?

The symbols used are the numbers 0 to 4. Five is represented by 10, Twenty-five is represented by 100 and Sixty is represented by 220. For more info on the Quinary system (base 5) check the wiki reference below.

Why are circuit symbols used when drawing circuit diagrams?

Symbols are used in circuit diagrams to save space, a simple symbol can convey a large amount of information.

What 3 symbols represented Hestia?

Three symbols that represented Hestia were a kettle, a key, and fire.

How many numbers are there?

There are an infinite number of integers, fractions, decimals, and irrational numbers. (Each of the types of numbers also has an infinite series.) Arabic numbers are formed using 10 symbols (9 integers and zero) : 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9, and 0. All non-variables are represented using these symbols.numbers do not end

Can elements be represented by symbols?

Yes, elements ARE represented by symbols. ( Fe for iron, O for Oxygen.....etc)

What are elements represented by?


Number represents a value in every number system?

Not always because in some numeracy systems numbers are represented by letters, symbols or even pictorial images.

How is Avogadro's number represented?

Avagadro's number is represented by the symbols L or NA

Why do scientists use symbols in diagrams of electrical circuits?

Scientists use symbols for diagrams of electrical circuits for a simple reason; to save space. The actuall names of the components would take up immense space on the diagram.

What is CoreSymbolication?

It is the means by which memory addresses are represented by symbols. The symbols are used by the debugger.

Why do numbers have symbols?

numbers have symbols so you can see how they look

What is the formula of combination of letters numbers and some symbols in Excel?

A combination of letters and numbers and symbols is a character set. To use a formula to combine letter and numbers and symbols is known as concatenation.

What are the elements on the periodic table represented by?

They are represented by their symbols. Eg. Silver is represented by Ag.Eg. Copper is represented by Cu.Etc.

What ionic symbols are represented in water?

about three

How do physicists represent forces in diagrams?

Three symbols for force used in formulas

Why do chemical symbols exist?

To make it aloy quicker to draw diagrams and formulas.

What are the symbols of system flow charts?

System flowcharts are the ideal diagrams for visually representing processes. System flow chart symbols include, terminator (it is oval in shape and indicates either start or end of a process, and normally contain the word 'start ' or 'End '), process (represented by rectangle), arrow (used to show the flow of control in a process), connector (circular in shape), data (input/output) (represented by a parallelogram), Decision (Diamond shaped), Junction (represented by a black bob), Concurrency (used whenever two or more control flows must run simultaneously),and subroutine(represented as a rectangle with a double-struck vertical edge).

How are elements represented in a chemical equation?

It is represented by element symbols, like using Na to refer to sodium.

What are the chemical symbols for the element phosphorus and krypton respectively?

Phosphorous is represented by P and Krypton is represented by Kr.

What elements are represented by chemical symbols?

All know chemical elements have been assigned chemical symbols.

What two symbols does wavelength represent?

One of the symbols that wavelenth is represented by is lamda which looks like this: λ

Why are symbols used in maps?

Because there's not enough room to print the words of the items represented by the symbols.

Why are symbols are used in maps?

Because there's not enough room to print the words of the items represented by the symbols.

Did Egyptian hieroglyphics include symbols for numbers?

Yes, hieroglyphics included symbols for numbers.

How do you draw orgel diagrams?

orgel diagrams cn be draw on the basis of two factors: (1)energy state term (2) mulliken symbols