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Q: How can sample data be used to learn about a population?
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How can you tell if the population data is related to the sample data?

There are Goodness-of-Fit tests that can be used. The choice of test will depend on what is known about the population and sample data.

What are the sources of data used in management accounting?

. Primary and Secondary data . Discrete and Continuous Data . Sample and Population Data

Why inferential statistics is not required in census?

Inferential statistical methods are used when data is collected from a sample in the population. Inferential statistics are used to generalize the results of the sample to the population. In a census you have data from each and every member of the population, so you just use descriptive statistics.

What term refers to the descriptors of variables computed from sample data used to estimate those same variables in the population?

Sample Statistics

Difference between calculating the sample mean and the population mean?

The same basic formula is used to calculate the sample or population mean. The sample mean is x bar and the population mean is mu. Add all the values in the sample or population and divide by the number of data values.

In basic statistics what is sample size and effective sample size?

sample size refers to the collection of data by only a selected size of te population through the process of sample surveys and sampling methods used in collecting data.

What is sample and population relationship?

The sample is a subset of the population. For example, the population may be all the people at your school. A sample might be 5 people from each class. There are different types of sampling methods. The most commonly used is a simple random sample. When your obtain data from the entire population this is called a census.

What type of statistics employ the use of sample data that is used to infer information about the population?

Inferential statistics.

When do you use goodness of fit in statistical analysis?

statistical goodness of fit test used for categorical data to test if a sample of data came from a population with a specific distribution. It can be applied for discrete distributions.

When can statistics be used to gain information about a population from a sample?

When the sample - whether it is random or systematic - is somehow representative of the population.

A numerical value used as a summary measure for a population of data is called?

This is called a sample statistic. These statistics are often used to give a general picture of a more specific whole.

A sample average can be used to estimate a population average precision if the sample is?