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The volume of a cylinder is Pi * radius^2 * height. 1 Gallon = 3.7854 Liters. 1 Liter is 1000 cm^3. So get the radius and height in cm, then use the formula to get the volume in cm^3, then convert to gallons or liters.

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Q: How can the liquid amount in gallons and liters of a cylinder be determined?
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How many gallons of liquid to fill a cylinder that is 108617 cubic inches?

470.2 gallons of liquid.

What should be used to measure liquid volumes?

The normal method of measuring the volume of a liquid is with a graduated cylinder. If you pour the liquid into a graduated cylinder, you can then read the volume off of the markings (or graduations) on the cylinder. If the amount of liquid is extremely large (let's say, a thousand gallons) then you need a different technique. Perhaps a graduated swimming pool.

How many gallons liquid in 4 inch cylinder 20 feet high?

10 .863 gallons

How many gallons are in a 1055 cubic ft cylinder?

A 1,055 cubic foot cylinder can hold up to 7,890 US gallons or 6,570 Imperial gallons of liquid.

What is the measure unit of volume?

You just put a units after the volume that you found. Also, weight(lbs, oz, ect.) count as value and so to liquid measurements(gal, pint, ect.) When you are doing weight or liquid measurements, just use the unit. For example, if you find the amount of liquid inside a cylinder, and the answer is 90 gallons, you just use gallons, nothing else

What is the volume in cubic feet of a cylinder 18 inches by 18 inches?

The volume of this cylinder is 324 cubic inches which equates to approximately 0.187 cubic feet. This amount of volume could contain up to about 1.4 gallons of liquid.

What is more precise 6 gallons or 23 quarts?

That depends - if the amount of liquid in a container is closer to 6 gallons, then 6 gallons is more precise. If the amount of liquid in a container is closer to 23 quarts, then 23 quarts is more precise.

What are the parts of the graduated cylinder?

There are little lines that you can read to find the amount of liquid in the cylinder.

What is a tool that is useful for measuring small amount of liquid?

A tool that is used for measuring small amount of liquid is a graduated cylinder.

How many centimetres are in 10 gallons?

Undetermined. Centimeters are a measurement of linear distance. Gallons are a measure of volume of a liquid. If you have a container that has 3 linear dimensions then you can convert that to the amount of liquid in gallons it can hold.

What is the amount of liquid in a pint container in gallons?


What is the best estimate for the amount liquid in a watering can in customary units?

5 Gallons

How is liquid volume determined?

By measuring it in a measuring cylinder or beaker or some container of a known volume.

Function of graduated cylinder?

To measure the amount of liquid in a specific manner

What is the least amount of liquid that can measure in a graduated cylinder?

10 ML

What is the least amount of liquid that a graduated cylinder can measure?

10 ML

What is a gratuatiud cylinder use for?

it is use for measuring liquid to find the amount

According to Henry's law the amount of gas that will dissolve in blood plasma or any other liquid is determined by which of these factors?

solubility of the gas in the liquid

How do you calculate fluid height in a horizontal cylinder if I know how many gal of liquid I am going to be putting in and how many gallons the cylinder will hold if filled full?

You need more information. It all depends on the size of the cylinder

What is the purpose of the graduated cylinder?

To measure a specific amount of liquid, normally in milliliters.

What would you use to measure the amount of space a liquid occupies?

The volume of a liquid is normally measured by means of a graduated cylinder.

Would it be more accurate to measure the amount of water that a container can hold by using one measurement with a large graduated cylinder or two measurements with a smaller graduated cylinder?

If you measure properly, the amount of water does not change. Measurement with whatever graduated cylinder you choose will not alter the amount of liquid measured. Most people choose to measure once with a larger one, but if the amount of liquid falls between the measurement lines, you can measure the "leftover" with a smaller cylinder and find the exact answer.

What is the smallest amount of the liquid your graduated cylinder can measure?

The smallest will be 1 ml +/- 0.01.

What is the difference between pipette and graduated cylinder?

Pipette can hold a small amount of liquid but a graduate cylinder can hold more and its good for accuracy.

How do you calculate the volume of an irregular object?

The volume of a solid object such as a rock or pebble can be determined by submerging it in a liquid in a graduated cylinder or other container. The difference in the volume of the liquid is the volume of the object.