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all whole numbers are over 1, like, 6 over 1, 2 over 1 = 2, in fraction form, 6/1

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Q: How can you change 6 into a fraction?
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Related questions

How do you change 6 percent to a fraction?

To change 6% to a fraction, change it to a decimal, which is 0.06, and then to a fraction, which is 6/100 or 3/50 in simplest terms.

What is 5 over 6 divide by 12?

5/72 is the answer. You have 5/6 divided by 12. What you do is change the sign. After you change the sign you flip the second fraction. Keep Change Flip. Keep the first fraction, change the sign, and flip the second fraction. You should get 5/6 x 1/12 and that equals 5/72 :)

What is the answer when you change 0.24 to a fraction?

0.24 as a fraction in lowest terms is 6/25

Change 1.2 to a fraction?


How do you change 0.06 to fraction?


How do you change 0.6 into a fraction?


How do you change improper to proper fraction?

To change an improper fraction to a proper fraction a person has to find the lowest common denominator. For example, the fraction 3/6 can be broken down to 1/2 by dividing the 6 by the 3 and finding the common denominator to be 2.

How do you change 6 percent in to a fraction?

6/100 or 3/50

How do you change 120 percent into a fraction?

It is: 120% is 1.20 as a decimal and 6/5 as a fraction

How do you change 5 2-6 into an improper fraction?

5 2/6 changed to an improper fraction is 32/6 which is obtained by multiplying the 6 by 5 and adding the 2.

Change 120 percent to a fraction?


How do you change an improper fraction to a proper fraction?

Say you Had 6/3 how much times does 3 go into 6 2 times so know your fraction is 3/3.

Change 0.06 into a fraction?

0.06 can be easily changed into a fraction by remembering that it means 6 one hundredths of 1. This translates to a fraction of 6/100, which can be simplified to 3/50.

How do you change the decimal 6.65 to a fraction?

6 and 65/100 or 6 and 13/20

Change 6 percent to fraction?

6 percent is .06 or 6/100, or reduced 3/50.

Change 06 into a fraction?

0.6 = 6/10 = 3/5

How do you change 3 into a fraction?

u borrow from the three change the 3 to a 2. them u put a fraction next to the whole number ...... whatever the other fraction's denominator is you have to put for the fraction for the numerator and the denominator so for example the other fraction has 2 over 6 so for the fraction where ur borrowing you have to put 6 over 6 since u borrowed a whole from 3 I knw its confusing but ull get it eventually ur welcome too :)

Change 24 percent to a fraction in simplest form?


Change 4 6/11 to an improper fraction?

47/11 or fourth-seven elevenths

How would you change the fraction 6 11 into a decimal?

Divide the denominator into the numerator.

how to change a decimal to a equivalent fraction?

place the decimal number over its place value. For example, in 0.6, the six is in the tenths place, so we place 6 over 10 to create the equivalent fraction, 6/10. If needed, simplify the fraction.

How do you change a whole number 6 into a mixed fraction?

You can't. It's a whole number. But, 6.1 would be diffrent: 6 and 1/10. You could say 6/1, but that's just an improper fraction.

How do you change 6.65 into a fraction or a mixed number?

665/100 or 6 and 65/100 or 6 and 13/20

How do you change 6 over 1 fourth to an inproper fraction?

You first change 1 forth to 1 fourth because otherwise it has no meaning. Then, 6 / (1/4) = 6 * (4/1) = 24/1 = 24, which is an integer, not an inproper (not inproper!) fraction.

What is 0.166666666667 as a fraction?

If that's a recurring 6 then as a fraction it is 1/6.