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You will have to ask your teacher about this, then do it at home. I tried doing it during school-time, but my teacher caught me!

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โˆ™ 2011-02-15 16:18:37
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Q: How can you change your age on world maths day?
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How do you change your age in world math day?

how to change your age and world math day

When is world maths day celebrated?

World Maths Day is in March. The 2011 World Maths Day was on Tuesday March 1st.

When is the next world maths day?

Every year in March there is world maths day.

When is world maths day 2012?

World Maths Day in on a Thursday the 7th March.

Is worlds maths day 2011 over?

World Maths Day 2011 and World Spelling Day 2011 ended on March 3.

Are there any world maths day cheats?

No, there are no world maths day cheats but if anyone apart from me tells you there is then don't believe them because they don't work. Only I know if there is any because I am the one that organises world maths day!

Are there any cheats to world maths day?


What can you win in world maths day?

nothing :)

When is world maths day?

3rd of March 2010

What are some cheats for world maths day?


How do you get a lot of points in world maths day?


How do you get the gold award in world maths day?

you work for it

How do you get medals in world maths day?

By licking your balls

What day is World Maths Day 2012?

7th march hope this helped =]

What is the date of world maths day 2010?

Hi, World Maths Day is scheduled for 3rd March in 2010. This event is organised by the makers of "Mathletics".

How do you hack world maths day?

Hacking is not what World Maths Day is about. WMD is about people from around the world competing with each other. If you want to get high scores, you need to answer the questions correctly and honestly.

When was maths world day started?

14th march 2007

Is maths used in the real world?

Yes, every day.

When does world maths day start?

me no dont smell jygtrtrhtr

When does world maths day begin?

In 2013, World Math Day is [tomorrow] March 6th .

When is world math day 2011?

Tuesday 1st March 2011 acording to the world maths day website!

When is mathematics day celebrated?

World Maths Day is held on the first Wednesday of March.

Why is world maths day celebrated?

because maths my dear friend is so cool and it rocks basically its celebrated cause everyone knows maths is so cool GO MATHS!

How do you create an account on world maths day?

by going on how to make a account

Any cheats for world maths day?

there are like two but i am not sure of them