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Use a catolator

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Q: How can you convert a mixed fraction into a percent?
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Can 310 percent be expressed as a mixed?

Yes. Just divide 310 by 100, then convert the resulting fraction to a mixed fraction.

How do you write a percent as mixed fraction?

what i would really like to know is why when i write how do write a PERCENT as a MIXED FRACTION this stupid site decides i want to know how you convert a MIXED FRACTION into a PERCENTAGE! :P

How do you Convert into a mixed fraction?

The answer depends on what you wish to convert into a mixed fraction.

Convert 420 percent to a fraction or mixed number?

420% = 21⁄5 = 4 1⁄5

How do you times a mixed fraction by a whole number?

Convert the mixed fraction to an improper fraction, multiply by the whole number, convert the answer back to a mixed fraction (if required).

How do you write a mixed number or fraction as a percent?

For a fraction, divide the numerator by the denominator and multiply by 100 for a percentage. If it's a mixed number, you first have to convert it to an improper fraction then do the same thing as for a fraction.

What is 0.714285 as a mixed fraction?

0.714285 does not convert to a mixed fraction, just a fraction. It is: 142857/200000

What is 125 percent written as a fraction?

125 fractions are easy when over 100 125/100 convert into mixed fraction 1 and 25/100

How do you change a percent into a mixed number?

Divide the percent by 100 to convert to a fraction and then simplify. Whether or not it converts to a mixed number will depend on whether or not the percentage is greater than 100.

How fo you times a fraction and a mixed number?

Convert the mixed number to an improper fraction and proceed.

How do you divide a fraction by mixed number?

Convert the mixed number to a fraction and invert numerator and denominator

How do you convert of a percent to a fraction?

Divide the percent by 100 and then simplify the resulting fraction.

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