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Unless there is a sliding mechanism in your email service, it is impossible, at least to the regular human.

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Q: How can you delete 15254 mails by one click?
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How can all saved mail be deleted at one time?

Go to the top mail, click on it then hold down the shift button, while scrolling down to the bottom of all the mails, (Keep that shift button down) when at the bottom all e mails should be highlighted then right mouse click and delete. Done

How do you delete all mail from outlook express?

click on delete all or delete them one by one

How can you find your delete emails?

go on your e-mail highlight the e-mails you dont want, click on the second button on your mouse and delete should be on there and it will delete. One of the buttons on your email page should say ''Deleted Mail'' or something like that. On mine it is on the left of the page.

How do you delete favorites on your favorites folder?

you must go to favorites menu and organize favorites then click the one you dont one and click delete

How do you delete iTunes?

Okay, so you right click with your mouse and then you find the one that says 'delete' and you click it and there you go. If you want it gone permanently then you go to recycle bin and right click it and click 'delete forever'

How do you delete your file in SpongeBob's Big Adventures?

first you go on the options and you click clear profile it asks you what one and you click on the one you want to delete

How do you delete vids on YouTube?

Go to "My Videos", then check one off, then click delete.

How do you delete iMovies?

First you have to right-click on the one you want to delete. On the bottom it will say put to Trash. Click on that. You have deleted a iMovie!

Delete visited webpages that will not delete?

Click the "History" button that is above the "Refresh" button or use the hotkey, atl+s, and click "Show All History" and then click one of the buttons, example: Today Yesterday Last Seven Days This Month August ETC. Click one of these links and click the one(s) you want to delete - if you want to delete more than one, click one and hold down either the shift or the ctrl buttons. If you want to delete ones that are far apart, hold down the ctrl button and click the ones separately and hit the "delete" key on your keyboard. If you want to delete ones that are right next to each other, click the top one, hold down the shift key on your keyboard, while still holding down the shift key, click the last one you want to delete and hit the delete key on your keyboard.

How do you delete picture on kik messenger?

If you're trying to delete your profile picture, you have to replace it with a new one. If you're trying to delete a picture as part of a conversation, you can delete it on your own phone, but the other people involved in the coversation will still have it. To delete a picture from a conversation on your phone, you'll have to delete the entire conversation. Click the conversation you want to delete. If you have an iPhone, swipe and click delete. If you have an Android, click and hold the conversation, then click Delete Conversation. If you have a Blackberry, click the delete button on the keyboard, select Delete Conversation and Yes to confirm.

How do you delete one of your moshlings?

You have to catch a new moshling then look at your others to, delete one click set it free.

How do you delete all my email addresses?

You have to delete each address manually. You cannot delete all by one click. You have to login in each and then delete.

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