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Q: How can you determine if a graph is proportional?
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How can you use a bar graph to determine which state had the least number of votes?

Find the shortest bar and read what state it represents. (In a bar graph, the length of each bar is proportional to the number it represents. )

How do you know if a graph is proportional?

It is a graph of a proportional relationship if it is either: a straight lie through the origin, ora rectangular hyperbola.

Does the graph represent a proportional or non-proportional liner relationship How do you know?

If the graph is a straight line through the origin, sloping upwards to the right, then it is a proportional linear relationship.

What are the two way to determine if the relationship between two quantities are proportional?

Graphical: If two variables are proportional, the graph of one of the variables against the other is a straight line through the origin.Algebraic: If the ratio of the two variables is a constant.

How can you tell from the graph of Molly's garden on the previous slide that it represents a proportional relationship?

The graph of a proportional relationship has the same unit rate, is a straight line, and starts at the origin.

Is it true that the graph of a proportional relationship does not include the origin?

It is true in the case of inversely proportional relationship.

Graph showing lengths proportional to ammounts?


What information can you determine from a bar graph that you cannot determine from a circle graph?


Do all linear equations need to be proportional?

No.A directly proportional graph has an equation of the form y = mx. It always passes through the origin.A linear graph will have an equation in the from y = mx + c. This has a y-intercept at (0, c). It doesn't pass through the origin unless c = 0. The directly proportional graph is a special case of a linear graph.

Plot a of graph period T s against length l cm?

the graph is directly proportional

What is a proportional graph line?

It is a straight line through the origin.

Does a graph with a proportional relationship always intersect at the origin?