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X Divided by Y multiplied by 100.

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Q: How can you estimate percent?
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I need to estimate the percent of 32 percent of 46 percent using 1 percent or 10 percent?


What is the estimate of 41 percent percent of 40?

41 percent percent of 40 = 0.164

What would 52 percent of 16 by estimate the percent?

Since 50% of 16 is 8 we can estimate that 52 percent of 16 would be slightly higher than 8, or 8.1-8.4.

What 76 percent of 280 with estimate?

there is no need for an estimate - exact answer is 212.80

How many percent in the youth population in the Philippines?

The current population estimate is that 35.5 percent of the population is in the zero to age 14 group and that compares to the US estimate of 20.1 percent in the same age group.

What is the best estimate of 23 percent of 81?

23 percent of 81 is 18.63.

What percent of American Homeowners own their homes outright?

I estimate about one percent!

What is the estimate of 80 percent?

It is 0.8

What percent of the world is homophobic?

in my best estimate, about 95%.

What is 73 percent of 44 as a fraction to a estimate?

Estimate: 70 percent of 50 (I lowered the percent, so I rounded the number up. My way of estimating) which is 35. Actual: 32 3/25

What is the estimate of 48 percent of 79?

Estimate: 40 Actual: 37.92

Are 75 percent of Americans chronically dehydrated?

yes and some estimate that it is 80 percent.

Estimate 29 percent of 60?


Estimate 78 percent of 20?


What is the estimate of 217 percent of 15?


Estimate 308 percent of 500?


What is the estimate of 198 percent of 4003?


What is the most reasonable estimate for 78 percent of 31?

24 is a reasonable estimate. (78% of 31 is 24.18).

What percent of animals are omnivores?

There is a large percentage of animals that are omnivores. It is estimate that about 50 percent of animals are omnivores.

What percent of adults are illiterate in the US?

Most studies estimate that about 14 percent of U.S. adults are illiterate.

What percent of Vatican people are Catholic?

I would estimate that nearly 100 percent of the residents of the Vatican are Catholic.

What is the estimate 67 percent of 26.8?

if you have to do it be exact, answer is 17.95

How do you estimate with fractions 30 percent of 79?


How do you estimate 79 percent of 489?

Take 80% of 500 and you get 400

What is the best estimate for 26 percent of 398?