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There are many theories and formulas that can be applied to find the length of each of the sides of a triangle. The most common is the Pythagorean Theorem: a2+b2= c2 . The letters: "a , c" are the two legs. The hypotenuse is the letter "c". For a 30-60-90 triangle you can use a special formula, as well as a 45-45-90 triangle.

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Q: How can you find the measures of the sides of a triangle?
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Related questions

How do you find the perimeter of a triangle?

you add up the measures of the sides Perimeter=a+b+cAdd up the three sides together

What is the perimeter of a triangle which sides measures 6-8-10 inches?

To find the perimeter of a triangle, add the three sides. Perimeter = 6in + 8in + 10in = 24in.

What triangle has no congruent angles?

a scalene triangle has no congruent sides or measures.

What type of triangle has only two sides with equal measures?

An isosceles triangle has two sides with equal measures. The third side can be any length.

The lengths of all sides are different in which type of triangle?

Scalene Triangle A scalene triangle is a triangle in which all the sides have different measures and all the interior angles are also different.

How do you get the other sides of a triangle when you only have one side?

You need the measures of two sides and for the triangle to be a right triangle to figure out the third side.

What triangle measures sixty degrees on all three sides?

An Equilateral Triangle

What shape has all three sides and angles of different sizes?

A scalene triangle is a triangle in which there are no sides or angles with the same measures.

How do you find the square yards of an oblique triangle?

You need some measures of the triangle. Options are measure of the three sides, two sides and the angle they subtend, a side and two angles. Perpendicular bisectors can substitute for sides but can make the calculations more complex..

If the sides of a triangle measure 9 15 and 18 if the shortest side of a similar triangle measures 6 find lenght of the longest side of this triangle?


Find The altitude of an equilateral triangle if one of its sides measures 12cm?

Altitude = 10.4 (10.3923) cm

What are the properties of a Equilateral Triangle?

an equilateral triangle has 3 congruent sides and angle measures.

What is the ratio used to find the tangent of a triangle In trigonometry what three common ratios are used to find the measures of the angles and sides of triangles?

financial ratio

If a tiangle is scalene then it is never isoceles?

A triangle is called a scalene triangle if its sides have different length measures. Since in an isosceles triangle there are two congruent sides, it cannot be a scalene triangle.

Does a right angle triangle have 2 equal sides?

Not necessarily. A triangle with two equal sides is called an isoceles triangle. A right triangle has one angle that measures 90 degrees.

How do you find the sides of the triangle?

a triangle always has three sides

How do you find am angle in an irregular triangle when given two sides?

if it is given 3 sides for a irregular triangle and its two measures are given then we will take the un measured sides as x.if a triangle is of 3 sides then its 3 sides measure will be 180.lets take its one side be 60 and the other be 60. then we have to write like this-------- 60+60+x=180 120+x=180 x=180-120 x=60 like this we can find the measures of an irregular triangle when given two sides. MAY BE I DONT KNOW PROPERLY.SORRY. you are wrong.

How do you state if the three numbers can be measure of the sides of a triangle?

state if the three numbers can be measures of the sides of a triangle. show your work 1- 15,12,9

What is a triangle that has 2 congruent sides and an angle that measures 90 degrees?

That is called a "Right Triangle"

What is the perimeter of a triangle that measures cm by cm by cm?

The perimeter of a triangle is the sum of its 3 sides.

What is the definition for scalene triangle?

All the sides are different measures.

What is the perimeter of a triangle which sides measures 68 and 10?


Three sides if triangle measures 8cm 9cm and 10cm respectively?


How do you find a right triangle when you have three numbers?

Three numbers may or may not define a right triangle. Also, the answer will depend on whether the three numbers are the lengths of sides or the measures of angles.

Which of these CANNOT be the measures of three sides of a triangle?

In general the 2 smaller sides of a triangle when added together must be greater than its biggest side.