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Take the 'reciprocal' of the given scale factor to go the other way.

The 'reciprocal' of a number is 1/(the number).

3 ==> 1/3

5 ==> 1/5

1/7 ==> 7

2/3 ==> 3/2


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Q: How can you find the scale factor from a larger figure to the smaller figure using the scale factor from the smaller to larger figure?
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How can you find the scale factor from a smaller figure to the larger figure using the scale factor?

The two scale factors are reciprocals of one another.

When you make a figure bigger or smaller using scale factor it is called?

Scale Factor

Two figures are similar and the scale factor is one half If a side of the larger figure is 12 then the corresponding side in the smaller figure is?

Having sex

The scale factor of a figure is 1.8 One side of the larger figure is 12cm How long is the corresponding size of the smaller figure?

At a scale of 1.8 to 1, the corresponding length on the smaller figure is 6 2/3 cm (6.66 cm) 12 cm is approximately 1.8 times 6.66 cm

How do you find a scale factor of a triangle?

To find the scale factor of two triangles, look first for one pair of corresponding sides--one side from the smaller triangle and the corresponding side from the larger triangle. Divide the larger side length by the smaller side length, and that quotient is your scale factor.

What is the definition of scale factor?

The scale factor between two similar shapes is the ratio of the dimensions of one (often the smaller) compared with the dimension of the other (the larger).

What is the scale factor of spheres with a radius of 12 and 4?

Assuming the smaller sphere is the image of the larger sphere after transformation (based on the order of the radii): the scale factor is 4/12 = 1/3

What is the number used to multiply the lengths of a figure to make a larger or smaller similar image?

That's referred to as the scale.

What is the multiplier used on each dimension to change one figure into a similar figure?

scale factor!

How do you figure out the scale factor of a circle?

how do you find the scale factor of two circles

Multiplying the coordinates of all points of a figure in the coordinate plane by a scale factor to get a similar figure is called?

Scale factor

What is the scale factor that doubles the size of a figure called?

A scale factor of 2.