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Get a stopwatch.

Get a runner (or get runners).

Determine and measure the distance between point A and point B.

Start the runner(s) at point A.

Yell "GO!" and start your stopwatch; the runner(s) should start running from point A toward point B when you yell "GO!"

When the runner(s) reach(es) point B, click your stopwatch and see how much time elapsed. This would be the speed of the runner(s) from point A to point B.

If you need to convert this to other distances or other measurements, you will have to perform mathematical calculations accordingly.

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Q: How can you get the speed of runners?
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18-100 dergreses

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A runner runs 100m in 15 s what is the runners average speed?

the average speed is 6.67m/second

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So that they can become the fastest runner and win their opponents.

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How To find a runners speed you need to know the distance he or she ran and the?

time it took to travel that distance

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A computer's speed refers to its CPU (Control Processor Unit) speed which is measured in Hertz (cycles per second). The more cycles that a computer can do in a second, the more program commands that it can execute. Think of it as how fast a pack of runners can go. The bandwidth then, is like a bridge that all the runners have to go over. The wider the bridge or bandwidth, the more runners it will allow to cross at the same time.

What is acceleration zone in track and field?

It's the first part of the race, when runners dig out of the blocks to maintain as much speed for top-end speed.

What are fast runners?

they are people that move their arms and legs to get more speed and they have probably ran since they was a child

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The current fastest runner in history is Usain Bolt, who recently broke a short-distance world record sprinting time. Long distance endurance runners generally are not speed related.

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The possessive form of the plural noun runners is runners'.example: The runners' times are logged into the database.

What is a runners average speed if he runs 100 meters in 15 seconds?

6 2/3 meters per second

How many bases does a runner get on an overthrown ball?

As many as they can depending on their speed.

What is a speed chute?

Speed chutes are designed to help runners run faster. They are a personal parachute that you wear and the resistance from the air when you run pulls you back, making you work harder.

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Timex watches are great for male runners keeping track of their heart rate, gps, and speed+distance. These watches are the perfect fit for runners, water resistant and are sold by the "lap-fulll".

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