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make it have six sides

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Q: How can you make a trapezoid and a triangle make six sides?
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Does a trapezoid have six sides?

No, they have four sides. They are Quadrilaterals. A hexagon is the one with six sides.

Can a trapezoid be a hexagon?

No. A trapezoid is a shape with four sides, while a hexagon is a shape with six sides.

How do you combine a square and a trapezoid and how many sides does it have?

the answer to this question is six

What triangle has 6 congruent sides and six angles?

a triangle has 3 sides.

What triangle has 6 sides?

No triangle has six sides. All triangles by definition have three sides.

What shape does not have six sides?

triangle there it is

How is hexagon is different from trapezoid?

A hexagon has six sides, a trapezium has 4.

Which shape has 3 more sides than a triangle?

A triangle has three sides, so a hexagon (a shape with six sides) would have three more sides than a triangle.

How many sides does a hexagonal triangle have?

Although "hexagonal triangle" is a contradiction in terms, a triangle always has three sides and a hexagon always has six.

How many sides do six triangles have?

A triangle has three sides, so six triangles have 6 * 3 = 18 sides altogether.

Examples of six kinds of triangle?

There are only three kinds of triangle - equilateral, where all three sides are the same - isoceles, where only two sides are the same - and scalene, where no sides are the same. The right triangle is a special case of the isoceles or scalene. Even if you consider the right triangle different, which is is not, that only make five kinds of triangle.

What are six shapes that have four sides?

All of these are varieties of quadrilaterals. Some include: squares rectangles rhombus (diamond) trapezoid parallelogram kite isoceles trapezoid