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divide 28 by 4

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Q: How can you make seven without adding or subtracting a number?
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Related questions

How can you make seven even without adding or subtracting a number?

multiply seven by 2 which is fourteen

How can you make seven even without adding or subtracting?

Multiply it by (2/7), (4/7), (6/7), (8/7) etc.

What is the missing number 3 10 9 16 15 22?

The missing number is 21. The reason is because you are adding seven and then subtracting one. You start out with 3 (3 + 7 = 10) then (10 - 1 = 9) then (9 + 7 = 16) and so on.

What is this pattern 5 6 17?

Adding 1 then adding another one which creates seven. Before the seven the number 1 is added just like it did on the 5 to 6.

What is the highest seven digit odd number without repeating?


Which of the following is another way to represent the multiplication problem?

Adding seventeen times Adding and sixteen times Adding seven times Adding nineteen times?

What will happen if a farmer only plants and harvests crops of cotton for seven years without adding fertilizers or other nutrients to the soil?

draining of nutrients from the soil

What is the difference of four times a number and seven?

It is impossible to tell without knowing what the number being multiplied by four is.

What is negative 5 minus 2?

negative seven, but if you were subtracting -2 from -5 it would be -3

Which is correct seven and five is thirteen or seven and five are thirteen?

The Correct Answer Is Seven And Five Is Thriteen If you Are Adding.

How is seven made even?

By adding 1....?

How many seven digit numbers are there when 0 and 4 cannot be the leading number?

If the number can contain repeated digits, the answer is 800000. Without repetition, there are 483840.

There were seven branches what does the number seven symbolize?

The number seven is [perfection to God]

Is seven a prime number?

Yes seven is a prime number and the only numbers that will go in to seven is one and seven.

What is the answer to the phone number riddle in Die Hard 3?

The answer is 555-0001.The riddle is that the phone number is 555, followed by the answer to the riddle from "As I was going to St. Ives". The riddle is designed to have you multiplying and adding powers of 7 (seven wives, seven sacks, seven cats, seven kittens). The actual answer is that only ONE (the speaker, I) is going to St. Ives, while all the rest are coming from there.

Can a ten-digit phone number be a legitimate seven-digit number without the last three digits?

No, a 10-digit phone number that is missing the last three digits can not be a legitimate number. In order for a number to work, it must have 3 numbers for an area code and seven digits for the phone number itself. Some telemarketers are now using fake numbers to hide from the people they're calling.

How do you write the number seven?

The number 7 is written as seven.

What is number seven?

The number seven is 7 which is a prime number.

What numbers that go into 7?

Itself and one because 7 is a prime number

What is negative seven minus negative two?

It is a plus positive, so -7 subtracting -2 is negative 5 - -5 when you are subtracting a negative, you just add the amount it is worth. So, -7-(-2)=-7 + 2= -5

What is the value of the seven in the number?

Seven as a number is 7 and it is a prime number.

Is seven gods favorite number?

Seven is not His favorite number, if it were then there would be seven months in a year, seven hours in a day. there would be seven of anything. He will punish those who believe seven is His favorite number. p.s. hey Tia....

What is seven?

Seven Is a number.

What is the number seven?

The number seven (7) is the natural (counting) number after six and before eight.

How do you spell the number 7?

The number 7 is seven.Seven