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5 + 5 + 5 550

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Q: How can you make the following sum correct by drawing only one straight line 5 plus 5 plus 5 equals 550?
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What is the correct graph for x equals 3 and x equals -2?


What is tangent when x equals 4 and y equals -1?


What are the correct formulas and coefficients for the products of the following double-replacement reaction 3RbOH plus H3PO4 equals?

H3Rb + PO4OH

Is equals C equals a correct bond?

Equals C equals is not a correct bond. In order to create a bond, you will need to have an elemental symbon on either side of the equal sign. C equals C would be a correct bond type.

What is the correct arrangement of the following group from high to low 1 equals class 2 equals family 3 equals phylum 4 equals order 5 equals genus 6 equals species?

From most specific to least specific: species, genus, family, order, class, phylum, kingdom.

What is y equals -2x equals 4?

It is the equation of a straight line.

What plus 54 equals 100?

In order to find the correct answer simply do the following calculation 100 - 54 = 46

Make the following statement true by adding only one straight line it can be in any direction 5 plus 5 plus 5 equals 550?

Add a forward slash to the "equals" sign to change it to a "does not equal".

What is the answer to 9z equals 5z plus 16?

The following steps lead you to the correct answer: 9z = 5z + 16 9z - 5z = 16 4z = 16 z = 4, thus the correct answer is z = 4

How much is an straight angle?

a straight angle always equals 180 degrees.

Is this correct 1ml equals 1cm3 equals 1gram For water For any substance ie sand syrup?

yes it is correct.

In this equation x plus y equals 8 and y equals 3x your answer is x equals 2 and y equals 5 and Is your answer correct?

Half correct because x = 2 and y = 6

Which expression is correct 12 inches equals feet or inches equals 12 feet?

Neither of the two is correct. It would be 12 inches equals a foot or 144 inches equals 12 feet.

Which picture shows the correct graph of x equals 1?

x = 1 is a graph of a straight line that touches the x-axis at 1 and extends infinitely up and down.

What does y equals 2x plus 3 equal?

It equals to the equation of a straight line.

Why does the sum of adjacent angles equals to 180 degrees?

Because that is what a straight line (or straight angle) is.

One inch equals one mile is an example of this?

This is an example of a scale drawing.

What is the complement of measure b if it equals 43?

The following answer is correct only if b is the measure of an angle in degrees. The complement is 90-43 = 47 degrees.

4 plus 4 equals?

Eight Straight.

5a plus d - bc equals a equals 5 b equals 7 c equals 2 d equals 4 what is the correct answer?


How much is -20 plus 30 equals?

if by thrity equals you mean straight up 30, then the answer is 10.

What mathematical symbols will make the following equation correct if calculating from left to right 7 plus 7 7 7 equals 91?

7 + 7 + 77 = 91

Do the following conversion 10mm equals 1cm find 17mm equals what cm?


Fx equals x can this form a straight line?


What is 13x-11y equals 12?

It is a straight line equation