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Three times three times three.

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Q: How can you multiply prime numbers and get 27?
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What two numbers multiply to make 384?

As a product of its prime factors in exponents: 27*3 = 384

Is 27 and 57 a pair of prime numbers?

No, neither 27 nor 57 are prime numbers.

How do you multiply the prime numbers themselves to determine the product?

Prime numbers are multiplied together in the same way as any integers may be multiplied together.

What type of numbers can you multiply to always find the LCM?

prime numbers, co-prime numbers

Are 27 and 52 prime numbers?

Neither 27 nor 52 are prime numbers. Both are composite numbers, instead.

What are two prime numbers that you can multiply to get 167?

There are no such two prime numbers, as 167 is a prime number itself.

Which are prime numbers 23 27 36 or 39?

23 and 27 are prime numbers whereas 36 and 39 are composite numbers.

What three prime numbers which multiply to make231?

The three prime numbers which multiply to make 231 are 3 x 7 x 11.

How do you write 27 as the product of prime numbers?

Prime factorization of 27 = 3x3x3

What numbers can you multiply to get 27?

How about: 3*9 = 27 or 1*27 = 27

What does 'product of prime numbers' mean?

The multiplication answer of the prime numbers, so if you multiply them, the answer is called the product

Is 27 prime numbers?


What are prime numbers for 27?

27 has one prime factor which is 3 and 3*3*3 = 27

The first 5 prime numbers are 2 3 5 7 11 which is the smallest number that has these prime numbers?

multiply these prime numbers together to get your answer

What prime numbers can you multiply to get 100?


Write three prime numbers which multiply to get 462?


What 3 prime numbers equal 152?

It is not clear whether you want to add the prime numbers, multiply them, or what.

Which of the numbers are prime numbers 105 27 19 9?

19 is the prime number.

How do you find the lcm of three numbers when all of them are prime?

When all of them are prime numbers,then just multiply the numbers to get the LCM of those 3 numbers.

What 3 prime numbers multiplied equal 1597?

1597 is a prime number. You cannot multiply prime numbers to create another prime number.

When you multiply two prime numbers why will the answer not be a prime number?

When you multiply two prime numbers together they become factors of the number that they equal. Since the number will have factors other than 1 and itself, the number cannot be prime.

How do you work out the product of prime factors?

Multiply prime numbers or prime factors to find their product.

Is 27 and 51 prime numbers?


What two numbers multiply to 40 and add to -13?


What do you get when you multiply 2 prime numbers?

A composite number. (If they are different numbers, keep in mind 1 is not a prime number)

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