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You can't.

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Q: How can you plug 2000 watts 240v into a 120v 20 amp breaker with out replacing your breaker and all the plugs on the line?
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How many watts can a 15 amp breaker hold?


Can a 120v 60hz 30w adapter be replaced with 120v 60hz 25w?

Check the wattage of the device that plugs into the adapter. If the device's wattage is lower that 25 watts then the answer is yes. If the device's wattage is higher that 25 watts then the answer is no.

How much can a 15W circuit breaker handle?

Answer for the US: Breakers are rated in amps, not watts. However, a 15A breaker can handle 15 amps, or about 1800 watts (using 120V), or 3600 watts (using 240V). However, this is only rated for noncontinuous loads (those not lasting for more than three hours). For continuous loads (loads lasting three hours or more), one must derate the circuit breaker by 80%. So for continuous loads, that same breaker should only have 1440 watts (using 120V), or 2880 watts (using 240V) on it.

If a 120 volt current is protected by a 25 amp circuit breaker What is the largest number of watts an appliance can safely use?

if its a single current its 120v X 25 amp = 3000 watts

How many watts is there in a light bulb?

600-1100 watts I've some 3volt bulbs that are rated at 80 mA, which means it uses draws 2.4 Watts. There are also small 7 watt 120v bulbs, usually used in night lights. The maximum load you can put on a 15A 120v circuit, without blowing a circuit breaker or fuse would be 1800 watts.

How do you change a double pole 240v breaker to a single pole 120v breaker to allow a regular 120v receptacle to work?

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How many watts in 120v 60Hz?

You need amps

How many watts in 120v-60Hz?

You need amps

What breaker to use in a bedroom that holds up to 15 amps with 120v?

15 amp breaker.

Can you run a 1000 watts light bulb with a 20 amp breaker 120v?

Yes, considering you can do that on 15 amp breaker easy.Experience in construction field. The worst that will happen is that the breaker will trip off after a few minutes.In the formula W = A x V. W = 20 x 120 = 2400 watts. If you want you can operate two 1000 watt lamps from a 20 amp breaker operating on 120 volts.

What size breaker to use for a hand dryer its 120v 20amps?

Single pole 20 amp breaker.

What is the wattage of 3A 120v Electric Fan?

360 watts

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