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we have b-a

take - sign common,we get


hence proved

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Q: How can you prove that b - a is the negative of a - b?
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How does an only child prove there are no other siblings?

Prove to whom? You can't "prove" a negative.

How can you prove that God is true?

you can't, but you can't prove a negative either.

How do we know vampires aren't real?

We don't. It is impossible to prove a negative. It is called the Paradox of negative information. You can only prove something does exist, you cannot prove non-existence.

Prove negative 3 is less the negative 2.?

draw axes。

What antibodies does a person have with B negative blood?

B negative or O negative.

Can an A positive father and a B positive mother have a B negative child?

If the mother is A negative, and the father is B positive, they could have children who are A negative, A positive, B negative, B positive, AB negative, AB positive, O negative, or O positive.

Can a parent with b negative and a parent with o negative have a b negative child?


When was Negative B created?

Negative B was created in 2001.

What evidence prove that Pangaea didn't existed?

You can't prove a negative with direct evidence.

Is there prove that ghost donot exist?

Since you cannot prove a negative statement, one cannot prove that ghosts do not exist.

How do you prove that you dont like somebody?

It is impossible to prove a negative. You shouldn't even bother to try.

What blood type is B negative compatible with?

If you have B- blood:You can give to people with: B+, B-, AB+, and AB-.You can recieve blood from people with: B- and O-.