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how can you write .59811 in word form?

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What part of speech is the word say?

The word say is a verb. The past tense form is said. The gerund is saying.

What does the word dijo mean?

"He said" Dijo is a form of the word Decir. To say.

How would you write 38.29 in a word form?

If said in word form, 38.29 would be thirty eight point two nine.

How do you write said in a syllable form?

Said only has one syllable. This means the whole word is the syllable.

How is 2.01245 said in word form?

2.01245 in word form is: two and one thousand two hundred forty-five hundred-thousandths.

How do you convert money in expanded form and word form?

Expanded form- let's say you have the number 432, you would write it out just how it is said 400+30+2 Word form- you just write it out four hundred thirty two

Is 'flaquita' a word in Spanish?

Flaquita. From 'flaca' (femenine form of thin or slender.) Usually said as a kind word.

How is 02.715 said in word form?

It would be two and seven hundred fifteen one thousandths.

Does till need an apostrophe?

Contrary to what many people believe, the word till is NOT an abbreviated form of the word until; till is in fact the earlier form (pre-dating the word until), though both words are interchangeable. With that said, the word till doesn't have an apostrophe.

What is the adverb for the word 'said'?


What does the word flower look like in Japanese and how is it said?

่Šฑ is how you write it in Japanese. In phonetic form it's 'Hana'

Is 70 thousand written in standard form or word form?

It is short word form. Standard form is 70,000 and word form is seventy thousand.

What word do you get when you unscramble this word said?

The word "said" can be rearranged to spell one other word.You can spell the word aids.

How do you say 215 in word form?

215 is said as two hundred fifteen. Note the word "and" does not appear.

What is the Neil Diamond song with word BEFORE the word SAID?

I Said.....I Am

How do your write 050 in word form?

In word form, it is fifty.

How do you use penumbral in a sentence?

The word "penumbral" is the adjective form of the word "penumbra. " An example of a sentence using the word "penumbral" is "When the moon passes through the Earth's penumbra, it is said to be a penumbral eclipse. "

Which best explains the two categories of form and content?

Content is what is said and form is the way it is said.

What are some phrases with the the word said in them?

a case of he said, she saidWho said?Mom said!Dad said!

What is the abstract noun of lie?

The word 'lie' is an abstract noun; a word for an untruth, something said to deliberately deceive. Another noun form is 'liar', one who lies.

Latin word for metric?

The word metric is said the same in Latin as it is in English. In Italian it is said as the word metriico.

What is the past tense of thought?

That is already in past tense form of the word think. The future tense of think is will think. or as I said "thoughted"

What is the word with more meanings after the word run run has 50 meanings?

said said

Another word instead of said when someone speaks?

Another word for said is stated.

Who said the word impossible is not in my dictonary?

"The word impossible is not in my dictionary" was said by Napoleon Bonaparte.

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