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You write the number 3 over the number 10, and a horizontal line in between.

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Q: How can you show three tenths worked out?
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How do you show your work for two fifths plus three tenths?

Multiply two fifths by two to get a common denominator. Then you will have 4 tenths plus three tenths. then add straight across and you will get seven tenths.

How many tenths are there in three tenths?

Three tenths.

What is three and five tenths divided three and four tenths?

Three and five tenths divided by three and four tenths is 1.0294.

How do you write 3.2 in word form?

Three and two tenths.Three and two tenths.

How many tenths in three and three tenths?


How do you write three tenths and eight tenths?

three tenths is 3/10 eight tenths is 8/10

What is three tenths of a thousand?

Three tenths of a thousand is 300.

What is bigger one eighth or three tenths?

three tenths

What is three tenths in decimals form?

Three tenths = 0.3

How do you Write 0.3 in words?

Three tenths.

How do you write 0.30 in words?

Three tenths.

What is nine-tenths minus three-tenths?

Six tenths but then you have to simplify it so then it would be three fifths

What is three tenths plus 6 tenths?

9 tenths

How many hundreds in three tenths?

Three tenths = thirty hundredths.

What is three-tenths of a cent?

Three tenths of a cent is $.003

0.3 in word form?

0.3 = three tenths.

Which number is bigger three tenths or seven twentieths?

three tenths

How do you write six and three tenths?

Six and three tenths = 6.3

What is three tenths as a decimal fraction?

Three tenths is .3 as a decimal.

What is the decimal for one and three tenths?

You could say it is thirteen tenths or one and three tenths. The decimal form is either 1.3 or 1.30.

How do you express 0.30 in tenths?


What is the word form for 0.300?

three hundred thousandths zero point three zero zero three tenths zero and three tenths

Were does the decimal go in the number Three tenths?

Three tenths is written as 0.3

What fraction equals three tenths?

Three tenths is the same as 3/10.

How do you write 3.6 in words?

Three and six tenths.Three and six tenths !