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The first step is to find the least common multiple (LCM) of all the denominators. Next, multiply each term by this LCM. When you have done this you will have a multistep problem which is free of fractions.

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Q: How can you solve a multistep problem that involves fraction?
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How do you solve multistep equations with fractions?

The only possible method is: One step at a time.

How do you solve multistep equations?

You first move the variables to one side of the equation and numbers to the other. Then you simplify.

What are some strategies you can to solve a word problem that involves multiplying fractions?

how to multiply fraction first you have to multiply the two number to find the number. For example 3/4 *2/4=6/16

How do you solve a math problem that involves integers?

For as long as you know the rules, it would just be easy.

When should you use addition to solve a problem involving fraction?

When fractions are being summed together.

How do you solve the problem of 20 percent as a fraction?

The key is: Remember that "percent" means " 1/100 ".

How do you make a fraction a deciamal?

Treat the fraction as a division problem and then solve it. For example, 1/2 would be treated as 1 divided by 2.

What operation and fraction should you use to solve a problem w hen something is cut into eighths?

It depends on the exact nature of the problem.

How do you solve fraction integers?

A fraction is not an integer.

How do you solve dissimilar fraction?

To solve a Dissimilar Fraction,you must change the denominator to a similar fraction then proceed with the Adding/Subtracting Dissimilar Fraction...

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