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Linear growth means that the graph is a straight line.

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Q: How can you tell if a graph is an example of linear growth?
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How can you tell if a graph is a linear function?

The word linear means in a straight line. If the graph is a line, it is linear. Also, linear equations are of the first order; they contain a variable but not a square (or higher power) of a variable. If the equation contains x2 it is not linear.

How can you tell by examining a graph if a line represents a direct variation?

The graph must be linear and pass thru the origin

How can you tell by looking at the graph of a function that it is nonlinear?

A linear function would be represented by a straight line graph, so if it's not a straight line, it's nonlinear

How do you tell whether the relationship between two variables is linear?

By definition, if you graph the relationship between two variables and the result is a straight line (of whatever slope) that is a linear relationship. If it is a curve, rather than a straight line, then it is not linear.

This graph is excellent for showing business cycles?

Unfortunately the graph does not show.. But, i can tell you that business cycle is divided into: 1) introduction - start of the graph 2) growth - graph goes up 3) maturity - graph is static and slowly pointing doen 4)decline - graph starts to go down.. if your graph is this way, then the answer is yes..

Why is it true that any two points satisfying a linear equation will give you the same graph for the line representedby the euqation?

-- The graph of a linear equation is a straight line. -- Any two points on a straight line are enough to completely specify the line, that is, to uniquely identify the line and tell you everything there is to know about it.

How to tell the difference of a linear and non linear function without it on a graph?

A linear function, of a variable x, is of the form ax+b where a and b are constants. A non-linear function will have x appearing in some other form: raised to a power other than 1, or in a trigonometric, or exponential or other form.

How can you tell if a point is on a graph?

There is a dot on the graph

What does the slope in a line on a position vs time graph tell you about an objects speed?

The slope tells you the object is travelling at a constant speed. If the position vs time graph is not linear, the slope tells you the average speed between the two points.

How can you tell from an equation if a graph is linear?

All the x's and all the y's in the equation must have no exponent (except '1').If you see an x2, or a square root of 'x' or 'y', or a y-1/2, or a y2, etc. then the graph is not a straight line.

Does a velocity graph tell you where to start?

No. It will tell you WHEN but not where.

Why is it necessary to title a bar graph?

to tell them why you made this graph

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