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If the numerator is greater than or less than one half of the denominator. For example, 7/16 is less because 7 is less than half of 16.

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Q: How can you tell just by looking that a fraction is less than or greater that a half?
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How can you tell just by looking at a fraction that it is greater than1?

If the top number is larger than the bottom number, it is greater than 1.

How do you convert a fraction to an improper fraction?

WE just have to check if the numerator is greater than the denominator. Eg: 8/3 is an improper fraction. Every mixed fraction is an improper fraction.

Is one half greater than 3?

No, one half is not greater than three.One half is just a half of the number one, and since one is already lower than three, you can deduce that one half is not greater than three.

What fraction of a meter is 56cm?

Just over half 0.56 56/100

What is 1 half of 1 fifth?

One half of one fifth is one tenth. You just 'double' the denominator if you want to get half of the fraction.

How do you know that an equation is proportional just by looking at it?

If each side of the equation is a fraction, then it is a proportion.

How do you make an improper fraction proper?

You don't. An improper fraction is greater than or equal to one. A proper fraction is less than one. Therefore, you can't just convert one into the other.

Is seven twelfths greater or less than four fifths?

7/12 is just over one half, while 4/5 is nearly whole, so 4/5 is the greater fraction. We can check this by converting to percentages: 7/12 = .583 4/5 = .800

Is a fraction greater than a negative number?

A negative and a fraction are both less than one. A fraction is a negative. When you order fractions and negatives greatest to least just put the negative first.

Does A proper fraction ever has the same value as a mixed number?

i don't think so because the mixed number should come out larger the the proper fraction, unless your just looking at the fraction.

How can you tell if a fraction is greater than another fraction?

make them improper fractions and convert them to have the lowest common denominator. At that point you can just directly compare the numerators to see which is larger.

Would a fraction be greater than 1 and still be called a fraction or an improper fraction instead of just improper fraction?

An improper fraction is something like 7/5, or seven fifths. If it was something like this, 1 2/5, or one and two fifths, it would be a compound number.

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