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they can be cracked.

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Q: How can you tell old marbles from new?
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How can you tell the difference in marbles that glow and old marbles that have uranium?

gieger counter

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You can still find old classic game marbles in most toy stores and toy departments.

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Want to find out the value of your marbles? There are plenty of web information about all types of old marbles, especially in the Antique Marble and Price Guide, which also has information about the different companies that made marbles, and how they did it. I also found a website with instructions on making marbles. Antique Marble and Price GuideJanes Marble CollectionAntique Marbles CollectionCollectable Marbles *

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Fred has 6 marbles Tony has 2 and Katie has 4. Fred gives a third of his marbles to Katie who then gives half of her new total to Tony. How many marbles has Tony now got?

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marbles were originally made from the stone, marble. so even after people started making them out of glass they kept the name marbles. I have an old marble marble.

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