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I think 7x3 is = to 21

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โˆ™ 2012-11-08 00:50:05
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Q: How can you use 1s and 2s facts to find 3x7?
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1s plus 1s plus 1?

1s + 1s + 1 = 2s + 1

How can you use 2s fact and 1s fact to find 3 times 8?

3 times 8 it's only 24 always

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How can you use a 2's fact and a 1s fact to find 3 times 8?

3 * 8 = (2 + 1)*8 = (2 * 8) + (1 * 8)

Which programming language uses a string of 1s and 0s?

You, as a programmer, can use a string with 1s and and 0s (or any other content) in each and every programming language.

What number system does a computer use to store data?

Binary. That is 0s and 1s.

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How does 2s orbital differ from a 1s orbital?

The 2s orbital is the same as the 1s orbital except that it is at a higher engery level. Like the 1s orbital it is spherical in shape and can hold up to 2 electrons. Because the 2s orbital is the next highest orbital to the 1s orbital it gets 'filled' with electrons only after the 1s orbital is filled with its two.

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How can you use a 2s fact and a 1s fact to find 3x8?

3x8 with1s and 2s fact looks like this: =(2x8)+(1x8) =16+8 =24

Why is transfer of electron from 2s subshell to 1s subshell not possible?

For a 2s subshell to be present, the 1s subshell must first be full, which means no more electrons can be moved into the 1s subshell.

What is the orbital notation of hydrogen?

↑ 1s

What is the language of 0s and 1S?

The 'language' is called... binary.

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It is more efficient. 1s and 0s represent transistors turned on or off, which is the most basic you can get.

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No, it is not.

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The 1S orbital is the closest orbital to the nucleus and therefore it has the lowest energy level.

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The 2s orbital is larger than the 1s orbital and is higher in energy.

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There is one thing that is relative to both helium and hydrogen. Both of these are a type of chemical.

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How can you use a 2s fact and 1s fact to find 3x8?

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How can you 2s fact and a 1s fact to find 3x8?

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