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A polynomial of degree zero is a constant term

The grouping method of factoring can still be used when only some of the terms share a common factor A True B False

The sum or difference of p and q is the of the x-term in the trinomial

A number a power of a variable or a product of the two is a monomial while a polynomial is the of monomials

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Q: How can you use Multiplication and division in daily life?
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How important the mathematics in daily life?

Well, you use divsion with fractions in baking when using recipes... and of course with money, you use addition, multiplication, division and subtraction. Almost all of what is learned in math class can be used in daily life.

How do you use division to solve a multiplication equation?

How do you use division to solve a multiplication equation?Answer this question…

Do architects use math operations of multiplication and and division in their work?

Yes they use multiplication and division to measure geometry

Why do you use the Division Property of Equality to solve an equation with multiplication?

Because you need to use inverse operations and the opposite of multiplication is division.

How can you use multiplication or division to solve an inequality?

you can use it

How do you use reverse division?

Ah, multiplication?

Why you can use multiplication to check a division problem?

multiplication is the Inverse operationof division so it could be used to check my work

Can you only use compatible numbers in division?

No, you can use it in multiplication

Can multiplication help with division?

yes multiplication can help with division because if you find the answer to a multiplication problem use the answer to get the divison.Exanple:32divided by4=8=8x4=32

When you find a quotient you use multiplication to help what is that called?

reverse division

What kind of math do investment bankers use?

they use addition, subtraction, division, and multiplication

When do you use multiplication in daily life?

12 redbulls in a box....3 boxes....36 redbulls. i has 36 redbulls and a pizza rolls

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