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reverse division

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Q: When you find a quotient you use multiplication to help what is that called?
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Can multiplication help with division?

yes multiplication can help with division because if you find the answer to a multiplication problem use the answer to get the divison.Exanple:32divided by4=8=8x4=32

Find each product or quotient Express using exponents?

what is the product or quotient? i need to know so i can help you!

How can you use the multiplication facts about 3 to help you find the multiplication facts about 9?


What multiplication fact can help you find 1 x 9?

A number multiplied by one is itself. This is the Identitiy Property of Multiplication.

use multiplication and the distributive property to find the quotient. 96 divided by 6 and 104 divided by 4 102 divided by 6?


How can estimating with compatible numbers help you find the quotient?

it makes it easier when u round

What property of multiplication can you use to help you find the product?

The multiplicative property, probably.

How do you do long multiplication?

You can do long multiplication with the help of Vadic maths.

Where can I find a standard multiplication table?

There are several math homework help sites available. offers online and printable multiplication tables as well as practice exercises.

What multiplication fact can help you find 9 divided by 9?


Will multiplication facts worksheets help my daughter with this subject?

yes i believe that multiplication worksheets will help your daughter with her subjects in school. I found some sites for you to look at that can help you with this

How does adding partial products help solve multiplication problem?

How does adding partial products help solve a multiplication problem

How can an array help you solve a related multiplication and division problem?

? problem division and multiplication related a solve you help array an can how

What multiplication facts can help you find 3X9?

The fact that 3 x 9 = 27

Where do you use multiplication?

in school, i used multiplication in my planner,a print out or a calculator to help me know it

What is the quotient of 60 and 50?

help me know please

The quotient of k decreased by 4 and 9?

i really need help

What was the first machine to help with multiplication?

The Abacus

Where can I purchase multiplication worksheets?

You can get multiplication work sheets at the following online sites I found for you to look at. I hope they are of help to you , and

What the sum product difference and quotient of 36?

please help

What multiplication fact can help you find 28 divided by 4?


How can I help my child learn his multiplication facts?

Try This! It has some great tips and advice to help you AND your child! Hope it works!

How can multiplication help you find 7 plus 7 plus 7?

Just do 7 x 3. Because it's 7 three times.

Find the quotient. negative 3.4 divided by negative 8.5. can you help me?

Relax. It's not that bad. -- Forget about the negatives for a moment, and just divide 3.4 by 8.5 . -- Then say to yourself "When two numbers have the same sign, their quotient is positive."

How can knowing that multiplication is repeated addition and division is repeated subtraction help you understand that multiplication and division are related?

the whole reason is this: multiplication is adding to that number in groups and division is subtracting from a number in groups.

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