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Fill the 11 qt pail.

From the 11 qt pail fill the 3 qt pail and throw away.

From the 11 qt pail fill the 3 qt pail a second time and throw away.

From the 11 qt pail fill the 3 qt pail a third time and throw away.

You will be left with 2 quarts in the 11 qt pail.

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Q: How can you use a 11-quarts pail and 3-quarts pail to measure 2-quarts?
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How many liters in pail?

A pail is not a standard measure. It can have different capacities.

What does a pail measure?

Pails come in various sizes, so a pail is not a standard unit of measurement, however, if you know how large your pail is, you could use it to measure volume.

How many liters in 1 pail?

7.34902It depends on how much the pail is filled up to and then measure it and divide that amount by 1000.

Can you measure a bushel with a 5 gallon pail and get an approximate answer?

yes...weigh pail contents on scale and use weight per bushel of volume chart

How can you use a 3 quart pail and a 5 quart pail to measure 7 quarts?

Fill the 5-quart pail, then pour the liquid into the 3-quart pail until it is full.This will leave 2 quarts in your 5-quart pail. Empty the 3-quart pail.Pour the 2 quarts from your 5-quart pail into the 3-quart pail. Then fill up the 5-quart pail.Between the full 5-quart pail and the 3-quart pail (with 2 quarts in it) you should now have 7 quarts!

How many punds are there in 1 5 gal pail?

It is not possible to answer this question. There is no such measure as a "pund". The mass of the pail depends on what material it is made of. The mass of its contents - if it has any - depends on the substance in the pail. A pail full of water will have much less mass than one full of earth (dirt).

What unit of measure will you use in pail container?

In the SI system the unit is litre (L).

What unit of measure you should use to find how much water a pail can hold?

The liter.

How do you measure a 7 literpail exactly with a 9 and 4 liter pail?

pour the water into the 9 liter pail and pour some water into the 4 liter pail after pour the water into the liter 7 pail the pour with your imagination 3 quarters liter into the 4 liter and and it to the first 4 liter you poured.

What is the homonyms for pale?

Pail - like a water pail

A sentence with the word pail?

Please fetch the pail of water. My dog drinks from that pail.

When is a pail not a pail?

what ask a decent question...

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