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To solve it by coordinate graphs you would take a point from the line and plug in the X and Y value into the equations and or inequalities.

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Q: How can you use coordinate graphs to solve linear equations and linear inequalities?
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Why is it important the linear equations and inequalities?

There are many simple questions in everyday life that can be modelled by linear equations and solved using linear programming.

How are linear inequalities and linear equations the same?

They are not. An inequality cannot, by definition, be the same as an equation.

What types of equations or inequalities describe points x y that lie on a circle?

Linear equations or inequalities describe points x y that lie on a circle.

What outcome is not possible for the graph of a system of two linear equations?

the equation graphs

How linear equations were used for the first time?

Rene Descartes was a French mathematician who created the coordinate plane on which linear equations are plotted.

Do all graphs of linear equations have x intercepts?

YES, all linear equations have x-intercepts. because of the x, y has to be there 2!

Who made linear equations?

Descartes made the coordinate plane.

Does in linear graphs the slope of the line change with the x-coordinate?

No. A linear graph has the same slope anywhere.

What does it mean by solving linear systems?

Solving linear systems means to solve linear equations and inequalities. Then to graph it and describing it by statical statements.

Can there be more than one point of intersection between the graphs of two linear equations?

Normally no. But technically, it is possible if the two linear equations are identical.

How are linear inequalitys differant from linear equations?

Inequalities have greater than, less than, greater than or equal to, or less than or equal to signs. Equations have an equal sign.

How are line graphs relates to math?

they express linear equations in a visible way

First Degree Equations and Inequalities in one Variable?

First degree equations ad inequalities in one variable are known as linear equations or linear inequalities. The one variable part means they have only one dimension. For example x=3 is the point 3 on the number line. If we write x>3 then it is all points on the number line greater than but not equal to 3.

Difference between the graphs of linear equations and a direct variation?

Linear has a slope direct does not but both go through the orgin

If two linear equations are in standard form how can you tell that the graphs are parellel?

If the slopes are the same on both graphs, they are parallel, and will never touch.

Can you solve system of equations by graphing?

Yes you can, if the solution or solutions is/are real. -- Draw the graphs of both equations on the same coordinate space on the same piece of graph paper. -- Any point that's on both graphs, i.e. where they cross, is a solution of the system of equations. -- If both equations are linear, then there can't be more than one such point.

How are linear inequalities different from linear equations?

A linear equation represents a line. A linear inequality represents part of the space on one side (or the other) of the line defined by the corresponding equation.

How can you tell linear equations are parallel?

Equations are never parallel, but their graphs may be. -- Write both equations in "standard" form [ y = mx + b ] -- The graphs of the two equations are parallel if 'm' is the same number in both of them.

Why should you clear decimals when solving linear equations and inequalities?

It makes it allot less confusing. But, that is just my opinion.

When two line graphs are crossing what does it mean?

It means that the coordinates of the point of intersection satisfy the equations of both lines. In the case of simultaneous [linear] equations, these coordinates are the solution to the equations.

What is 5x-6y equals 16 5x plus y equals 2 in linear equations and inequalities?

The question contains two equations:5x - 6y = 15 5x + y = 2 There are no inequalities in the question.

What are the uses of linear inequalities?

In question and answer logic answers are given and if they fall in an area bounded by the inequality then it is a good answer. After graphing three or more inequalities the vertexes are the possible maxima of the system of equations.

What consists of 2 or more linear inequalities in the same variable?

A system of linear inequalities

What will the intersection of graphs of the two linear equations tell you?

y=f(x) and y =g(x) are two linear equation of x. the intersection of their graphs will tel the solution of the equation f(x)=g(x).

What is the relationship between linear algebra and economics?

Many problems in economics can be modelled by a system of linear equations: equalities r inequalities. Such systems are best solved using matrix algebra.

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