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As a flooring installer I have to use every imaginable angle to match the room.

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Q: How can you use obtuse angles in the real world?
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How does the real world use alternate exterior angles?

A bridge

What is the measurement of every obtuse angle?

It depends on the angle not all obtuse angles measure the same. To measure an angle you use a protractor.

How do you make a triangle with two obtuse sides and one a line?

Connect two ends of the obtuse angles, making a sort of M shape. Then use the line to connect the points at the top of the M. Pivoting the two obtuse angles might be necessary, depending on line length.

Use of right angles in real world?

Right angles are used in architecture. All buildings are essentially based off of right angles (from the ground to a wall).

How can you use trigonometric tools to solve real world problems?

Whenever there are distances involved, as well as angles that are not precisely right angles.

How do you know the angles of triangles?

I could use a protractor to measure the angles. You can also interpret whether the angle's acute,obtuse,or a right angle

Is it true that an obtuse triangle can have a one acute triangle?

I assume that the second use of the word "triangle" in the question should be angle. An obtuse triangle must have two acute angles.

When do you use angles in real life?

we use angles in everyday life by surveying constuction ,msurgery , military and sports .

What are ways you use straight angles in real life?

You can use straight angles to make sure countertops, or walls are straight and in a right formation.

How numbers got their shape?

The Arabic numbers, which is what are numbers are based on for the English language and are very similar to, use to have no curves or curved angles in them and had all acute, obtuse, or right angles. According to what number it was (for example 3) had three angles. Another example is 4, which still has four angles today.

Where to find an obtuse angle in your home?

There is an obtuse angle at either end of the bay window in our living room. A lot of the corners of the rooms of our house are not actually as square as they should be and are in fact slightly obtuse (eg 91o or 92o). At the top of some of our walls (at the join with the ceiling) there is a piece of caving which means the angle there is obtuse. To make full use of the land next to our house, our garage is shaped like a trapezium (the front is about 1m shorter than the back) so there is an obtuse angle between the front and one side of our garage. We have a floor standing lamp with an uplighting shade that makes an obtuse angle (with the upright pole). There are some obtuse angles in the mitring in the corners (of the covers) of the trunking I've put in. There are obtuse angles under the mantelpiece above our fireplace. The corner of one of the worktops in our kitchen has had the corner cut off, leaving two obtuse angles. Our staircase goes round a corner and the step that starts the corner has an obtuse angls . When any door is opened (unless it is at a right angle) it forms an obtuse angle (with either the doorway or the wall).

How would you use obtuse in a sentence?

That triangle is not a acute, its an obtuse.