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Connect two ends of the obtuse angles, making a sort of M shape. Then use the line to connect the points at the top of the M. Pivoting the two obtuse angles might be necessary, depending on line length.

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Q: How do you make a triangle with two obtuse sides and one a line?
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What do you call a triangle with two obtuse sides?

In normal geometry, it's not possible to make a triangle with two obtuse angles. It is possible to make a triangle with two obtuse angles in spherical geometry -- it's a kind of "spherical triangle". It is possible to make a triangle with two obtuse angles in some kinds of non-Euclidean geometry -- it's a kind of "non-Euclidean triangle".

How do you tell if 2 sides and an angle make a non-right triangle?

If it has an obtuse angle

What are the 6 possible groups of triangles?

Right triangle= has a right angle Acute triangle= has an acute angle Obtuse triangle= has an obtuse angle Equilateral triangle= all sides are the same length Scalene triangle= has no sides the same length Isosceles triangle= has only two sides the same length the triangles here make perfict dildose and condoms

Is it possible to make an obtuse equilateral triangle?

No. It is not possible to make a equilateral triangle that is obtuse.

Can a triangle have an angle that measures 179 If so what type of triangle would it be?

Yes, if we try to make a triangle with the obtuse angle 179 degree, the remaining sides will have to add up to 1 degree which makes each of them equal to 0.5 degree.. So this is an isosceles triangle which looks like A line.

What are the names of the line segments that make up a triangle?


What is an obtuse triangle and a right triangle make?

a quadrilateral

What is the name of a triangle with angles measuring 113 47and 20 degress?

First of all it is 'obtuse' because one of the angles is greater than 90 degrees. Secondly it is a ' scalene' because all the angles are of different size, this will make all the sides of different size. So the the triangle is an 'Obtuse Scalene Triangle'.

How many acute angles does an obtuse triangle have?

Every triangle must have at least 2 acute angles, otherwise it is impossible to make the 3 sides connect.

Is an isosceles obtuse triangle possible?

Yes it is possible. Obtuse means the triangle contains an angle which is greater than 90 degrees, and isosceles means the triangle has two sides of the same length. So to prove this in the easiest way possible, you can make a dot on your page, measure 91 or more degrees and draw two equal length lines out at this angle, then connect these two lines to make an obtuse isosceles triangle.

Can you draw a scalene obtuse triangle explain?

Yes, it's quite simple. First, let's define what a scalene obtuse triangle is and in so doing show that a scalene obtuse triangle CAN be constructed.'Scalene' means that all three sides are not equal (of different lengths).'Obtuse' means that at least one of the angles is greater than (>) 90o.So, as long as the triangle has 3 sides that are not equal and contains one angle that is >90o, you can create a scalene obtuse triangle.Another way to make sure you can construct the aforementioned is:If you know the lengths of the triagle sides you can add any two(2) of them the sum of which should be greater than the length of the 3rd side. This is know as the Triangle Inequality Theorem.Under the Resources link, there is a website to construct a scalene obtuse triangle as proof.

Is it possible to make a obtuse triangle?

Yes, but only one angle will be obtuse.