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Q: How can you use the unit rate or constant of proportionality for a relationship represent in a graph?
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How do you find constant in math?

The answer depends on what the constant is: the y-intercept in a linear graph, constant of proportionality, constant of integration, physical [universal] constant.

What relationship exist between two variables when their ratio is constant?

Direct proportionality. Their graph would be a straight line through the origin, with the slope equal to the ratio.

What is relationship among proportional relationships lines rates of change and slope?

The graph of a relationship in which two variables are in direct proportion is a straight line through the origin, whose slope = the rate of change = the constant of proportionality.

How can you identify a unit rate or constant of proportionality in a table In a graph In an equation?

In a table, divide a number in one column by the corresponding number in the other column. In a graph it is the gradient of the line. The equation, for the variables X and Y will be of the form Y = mX and the constant of proportionality is m.

How can you use a graph to show the relationship between two quantitles that vary directly?

A scatter plot will show the data points on a straight line through the origin, whose slope is the constant of proportionality.

What does a direct proportion look like on a graph?

A straight line, through the origin, sloping up from left to right. The gradient of the graph will be the constant of proportionality.

When the ratio of two variables is constant their relationship can be described as what?


What does horizontal line represent on graph of distance vs time?

constant speed

When y varies directly as x what is true of the variables x and y?

y = cx where c is some non-zero constant of proportionality. Equivalently, x = ky where k (= 1/c) is a constant of proportionality. The graph of y against x is a straight line through the origin, with slope c.

What does the slope of a curve represent on a velocity-versus-time graph represent?

The slope of the speed/time graph is the magnitude of acceleration. (It's very difficult to draw a graph of velocity, unless the direction is constant.)

What does a horizontal line on a speed time graph represent?

That the object is moving at a constant speed

A graph of pairs of numbers that represent real-life situations It is a way to analyze the relationship between two quantities?

A coordinate graph is a graph of pairs of numbers that represent real-life situations.