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computer help because you can do research and play little games you can also go on websites like education city withouts computers most lessons would be boring

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Q: How computer help in teaching maths?
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How can diagrams be used in teaching math?

There are many ways that one might use diagrams when teaching maths. This is especially true when one is teaching vector maths, where diagrams of practical examples will help students to understand the concepts.

Who said life is for two things - discovering maths and teaching maths?

no one did

What are the topics they teach in computer science and engineering?

Speaking as a graduate of Engineering and Computer Science: Maths, maths, maths. It's all about maths. Maths is the foundation to everything else that you learn. Beyond that, check out the university's syllabus.

What you can you do after your bsc in maths and computer?

you can be a inginier

Is there computer science without maths?


Is computer is a part of maths?

not really. it could be if you had this wierd computer but i think no

Are you able to get in to teaching collage with 2 alevels and a btech?

These help towards securing a place on a teaching course. However, the things that they are really going to want are your English and Maths at C grade. If you don't have these, you may be expected to enter at Level 2.

Roles of computer in binary operations?


Which subjects you should choose in O levels to do engineering?

computer studies add maths maths

How do objectives affect the method of teaching?

For example, if you are teaching maths in order to help a person learn to serve in a store you will include a strong retail component in your instructions. However, if you are preparing your students to begin learning physics, you will take an entirely different approach.

How is the implementation of team teaching?

In the team teaching technique of teaching, a team is usually formed of the subject teacher and a teacher specializing in the particular topic being taught. For example, if 'shares' is to be taught in a maths class, the team formed is of a maths teacher (regular maths teacher of the class) and an economics teacher, since he will have a better expertise on the topic of shares than a maths teacher. Thus the maths introduces the lesson/topic and the economics teacher explains the topic of shares in detail. The maths teacher may evaluate the lesson at the end. Thus the teachers leverage on the skills/knowledge of one another.

Who is Miss Greenaway?

Miss Greenaway is a funny teacher and is very good at teaching maths.