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Q: Is there computer science without maths?
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What are the topics they teach in computer science and engineering?

Speaking as a graduate of Engineering and Computer Science: Maths, maths, maths. It's all about maths. Maths is the foundation to everything else that you learn. Beyond that, check out the university's syllabus.

Whats more crucial to life math and science or science?

Of cource Its both maths and science as you can't do science without maths.

What is the Application of maths in computer science?

Math's and computer science influence each other. The goal of mathematics is to solve the problems in computer science and in other fields.

What are subjects in bsc animation?

maths, computer science, physics

How is maths used in computer science?

Computer is working by using mathematical formulas only.

Am i eligible to study BSC computer science after studying inter-vocational computer science?

Am i eligible to study maths after studying inter-vocational computer science?

Is science or math used to create tv?

Both, and science would be pointless without maths.

Is maths a science-based subject?

Maths is a science. It's not the typical science people think of, but it is a science. Science is a maths-based subject. You need maths in science but you don't need 'science' in maths. Your question can be interpreted in different ways, but it really depends on what you mean by science or maths and the definition you use.

Can you get science without maths?

You can learn a lot about science without a lot of math, but depending on how far you want to go, math will be unavoidable.

You want blue print for physics chemistry computer science maths french?


Can Masters in computer application be done without maths?

no,thats no possible.

Which is best computer science engineering or information technology?

Computer Science Engineering and Information technology are same in all aspects except electronics. The study of electronics is more detailed in Information technology. Hence for computer science engineering you need good maths however for information technology you need both good maths and physics.

What science do you have to learn to become an architect?

To become an architect you certainly need to study physics and maths... chemistry and computer science will help.

What are the compulsory subjects and Optional subjects in Bifocal Science stream?

compulsary-physics,chemistry,maths optional-computer science / electronics

How does mathematics related to computer science?

Algebra is a basic requirement for computer science. Commands and formulas in computer science are all based on algebra. Without math, computer science wouldn't be a discipline.

What is the rationale For maths science at ecd level?

what is the rational of maths science in ECD level

Who told' maths is queen of science and theory of numbers is queen of maths'?

Mr.carl f gauss toldmaths is queen of science and theory of numbers is queen of maths

Where is maths used?

Maths is used almost everywhere. From science research lab to busyness offices, it has a wide range of uses. It is also used in architecture. Without maths our lives, would be almost impossible.

Relation between maths and science?

most of the scientific studies and researches can't be done without mathemetical calculations.any science whether it may be physics chemistry, history, geography, sociology.economics depends totally upon maths.

What is the use of maths in science?

In science it is also necessary to use maths as you need to perform certain calculations.

Utility of maths?

Maths are used widely in lots of different areas, such as physics, computer science, chemistry, astronomy, economy, etc. Such areas would be much less understood, were it not for math.

Can you get science based on maths and science marks?


Eligibility for MCA?

degree with maths\computer science\electronics as one optional subject and final year is elgible to apply

Is it true that people who are good at math are usually good at science?

Science and maths are of course interrelated. But it is not necessary that a person good at maths are good at science.

What would the world be like without maths?

what is the earth without maths