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Q: How could thirty three hundredths be written in four different ways?
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How do you write thirty and twenty hundredths in decimal form?

30.2 Could also be written 30.20 (has the same value).

How do you spell 262.31?

The decimal number 262.31 can be written or spoken as "two hundred sixty-two and thirty-one hundredths." (thirty-one one-hundredths could be clearer)As US currency, it would be "two hundred sixty-two dollars and thirty-one cents."

How do you write thrifty and twenty hundredths in decimal?

I like it. Could be thirty, could be fifty. 30.20 50.20

What would 146 rounded to hundredths?

146 rounded to hundredths would be 146, but could be written as 146.00 to indicate the precision.

How do you write 36.7?

36.7 = thirty six point seven Or it could be written out: thirty-six and seven-tenths.

How do you write a word name for 12.37?

We're not sure if this is what you mean, but you could write or say twelve and thirty seven hundredths. Don't forget the 'ths' after hundred.

Explain hiw you could use a hundredths grid to show how 7 hundredths is different from 7 tenths?

on a hundredths grid 7 hundredths is 7; but seven tenths is 0.7 which is 70 hundredths. So 7 tenths would be 70 on the hundredts grid, separating it from 7 hundredths

Write the decimal 0.12 in words?

0.12 in words is written zero point one two or you could have written twelve hundredths

How do you write .53 in words?

.53 could be written a few different ways: Point five three Fifty-three cents (if referring to money) Fifty-three hundredths

How do you spell 3600 in different ways?

We could spell it thirty-six hundred or three thousand, six hundred.

How is 2.36 different from 23.6?

2.36 could be two dollars thirty six cents and 23.6 could be twenty three dollars and six cents.

What is 0.04 in words?

You could say zero point zero four, or you could say four hundredths.0.04 = four hundredths