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Estimate 3.99 as 4. The answer will be one less than 4 + 0.84

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You cannot. 3.99 is 3.99 and no estimation is going to check that. Similarly with 0.84

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Q: How could you use estimation to check3.99 and 0.84?
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When do you use estimation in math?

Use estimation when an approximate answer is acceptable.

Why use estimation?

Estimation is a quick of working out roughly what the answer is

How do you use front end estimation?

front end estimation means to use only the whole number part of the decimal. we only use whole numbers to do front end estimation

What are the methods of estimation of reducing sugar?

the DNSA method use sugar estimation.

How could you use estimation to check the reasonableness of the quotient for 3.99 and 0.84?

4 x 0.8 = 3.2

Use rounding and estimation to predict the approximate quotient of 285 รท 11?

Use rounding and estimation to predict the approximate quotient of 285 รท 11.

How can you use estimation to find the question of 57 Divid bY 3?

You could estimate 60/3, but 57/3 is 29.

How can you use estimation to check that your answer is reasonable?


How do you use estimation in a sentence?

Estimation is a range of the subject spoken about. There is estimated to be over 90 different species of birds in California.

How do you use the word estimation in a sentence?

By one estimation, several hundred gallons of oil leaked into the lake. Estimation can often provide an approximate number, rather than an exact number.

When should you use estimation?

You can estimate when an exact answer is not needed.

What are the formulas use in demographic measures?

Estimation population

What is the word for the use of rounding to determine a reasonable answer?


Why do you use iodine in glycogen estimation?

What is the effect of iodine on glycogen ?

When would you use estimation to answer a question?

When a quick and approximate answer will suffice.

What is the easiest way to understand the estimation worksheets?

Estimation worksheets allow you to estimate the math problem...conventional worksheets that you use in general require a genuine answer, not an estimate.

How you use the pH paper?

Comparing the colors an estimation of the pH is possible.

What math skills do you use when interpreting information in a circle graph?


Use front end estimation to estimate each sum 4.76+6.15=?


How do you use estimation to help find the product of two decimals?


How Use rounding and estimation to predict the approximate quotient of 285 and divide 11.?


What is the Use for protein estimation?

Protein estimation is very useful when planning diet and exercise. A person needs to know what foods contain proteins so that they are sure to eat healthy.

Why is it important to use estimation when solving problems?

So you can get an answer at least close to the real answer.

What other math skills do scientist use besides estimation?

scientific notation

How would you use front-end estimation to subtracgt 189 from 643?