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4 x 0.8 = 3.2

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Q: How could you use estimation to check the reasonableness of the quotient for 3.99 and 0.84?
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Why is it important to check your answers for reasonableness even when you use a calculator?

you could have done something wrong on the calculator !

How could you use estimation to check3.99 and 0.84?

Estimate 3.99 as 4. The answer will be one less than 4 + 0.84

What is the estimation of 589714?

That depends how precise the estimation needs to be. It could be 600000, but it could be 589714.

How do you use the word reasonableness of conduct in a sentence?

The reasonableness of conduct is a legal standard used to evaluate if someone acted in a way that an ordinary, prudent person would in similar circumstances. In a sentence, you could say "The court determined that the reasonableness of conduct in this case was questionable due to the lack of care taken by the defendant."

What do they mean when they say estimate each quotient write the compatible numbers you used?

Suppose you are asked to evaluate a quotient like 923/462. You have several options. You could choose 900 and 500 as compatible numbers for the two given numbers and then your estimated quotient would be 900/500 = 1.8. Or You could choose 920 and 460 as the compatible numbers for them and then your estimated quotient would be 920/460 = 2.0. So the question is essentially, what compatible numbers did you pick and using them, what was the quotient. There is no correct answer to picking compatible numbers. Any estimation is a trade-off between simplicity and accuracy. Incidentally, a more accurate answer is 1.9978 (approx), but even that is not perfect!

How could estimation be helpful?

Estimation enables you to obtain a rough answer using only mental maths. An approximate answer can sometimes be sufficient.

What is the estimation of 0.2057613?

It could be 0.2 to one decimal place.

How could you iimprove the accuracy of quadrant estimation?

Ask a biologist;)

Trying to find a horror movie from a snippet of it. A kid getting wrapped in to a thin line(literally) from plants growng below him up to his neck and he stays alive, I think he is black but I could be wrong?

Use rounding and estimation to predict the approximate quotient of 285 รท 11.

What is the estimation of 3289?

That depends to what degree you are estimating. It could be 3290, 3300, 3000...

How do you know when your decimal numbers are placed correctly?

You could try estimation to get an idea of the magnitude of the answer.

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there might be too many in the world to have an exact answer, but there could be an estimation.