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That's easy, just half it. 420 divided by 2 (5 is half of 10) which equals 210.


To check my answer, I did... 42

x5 (5 x 2=10 (carry the one), then 5 x 4=20 + 1= 120)



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Q: How could you use the product 10x42 equals 420 to find the product of 5x42?
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1x210 2x105 3x70 5x42 6x35 7x30 10x21 14x15 These all equal 210

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210 is a composite number. The factor pairs for 210 are: 1x210 2x105 3x70 5x42 6x35 7x30 10x21 14x15

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How could you use the product 10 x 42 equals 420 to find the product of 5 x 42?

you would take the answer 420 and split in half

The product of a number and its equals one.?

The product of a number and 1 over that number equals one.

What Equals A sum?

The sum equals the product.

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15 is half again as much as 10, so the new product would similarly increase by 50%.

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element product atom

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first use 5*6=30 then add 6*1=6 the product of 6*6 is 36

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CuCl2 is the product.

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Multiplicand times multiplier equals product.

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the sum of six and one becuase that equals 7 and the product of six and one equals 6

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multiplier times multiplicand equals product or multiplicand times multiplier equals product