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Q: How deep should fence post be set?
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Do vinyl fence posts need to be set in concrete?

yes they need to be set in concrete. depending on your fence, one bag of concrete per post should be enough.

How much concrete should you use to set a fence post?

It depends on the type of fence that you are installing as well as the height and even the climate. A good rule would be 2-3 ft below the ground. For colder climates you want to make sure you bury the post below the frost line.

You set 68 fence post 20 ft apart how wire do you need?

you are kidding, right?

Can I install wooden fence posts myself?

Yes, you can install wooden fence posts yourself. You will need to make sure each post is 2 feet longer than the height you want your fence to be at because it is recommended that each post be set 18 inches into the ground.

How do you install vinyl fencing from diy?

Buy the fence, dig the post holes, make sure the ground is level, set posts, refill holes, set up the rest of the fence, etc. Hire someone for help if you aren't sure what to do - the last thing you want to do is have an uneven/unsturdy fence.

How to Install a Fence?

The first thing that must be done when installing an aluminum fence is to make sure that the area is ready for the fence posts. There may be a fence permit required in order to install a fence around the home. The place to find out this information at is the municipalities building code office. They will also let the person know if there are any setback rules, as well. After a person has figured out the rules and permits required to install an aluminum fence, they will need to call their various utility companies and set up a schedule to where a person from each of those companies can come out and mark where any underground wires or pipes may be. Once this is completed, it is time to start the installation process. The first posts that will be put into the ground are the corner and end posts. The stakes that are being driven into the ground must be longer than the fence will end up being. The stakes should be held up in the air, so that they are not touching the ground. Each cross in the string will mark where the corner posts will be installed at. Next, post holes should be dug 6 inches across and 2 feet deep, making sure that the holes do not slope at all. Around one and a half feet of these holes will be filled with concrete, setting the post into the ground afterward. After checking the post for straightness, pack dirt into the rest of the hole. Finally, it is time to install the line posts. String a line from corner to the corner and then take a tape measure and measure out 72 inches diagonally from one of the corner posts. Dig a hole at the spot, which is under the string. Continue to do this 72 in measuring until you come to a new corner. Keep up with the filling of concrete and dirt as was done before. The cement should be left to dry for at least a full day, but it may take two days depending on the weather.

Where can I find fencing post materials?

The best place to find supplies to set up your fencing post is at your local hardware store such as Home Depot or Lowe's. These companies have everything you need to erect a fence.

What is a strainer-post?

This is part of fencing with wire. A 'strainer' post is at each end of a straight line of fence and makes the wire taut and also holds the gate. This is often a larger post than the others,and always set deeper into the ground.

What temperature should your deep freeze be set?

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What does post mean?

Post can be a verb or a noun. As a verb, post can mean to add a comment to an online forum, send a letter, or place something on a bulletin board. As a noun, post can mean the part of a fence that is placed in the ground (the fence post) to hold the fence . a long piece of timber, metal or other material that is placed in the ground (a clothes line post, sign post, etc) the service that delivers mail or a paid position (job).

Where should the temperature be set on the thermometer for a deep freeze?

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How is a fence made?

Well, first start by planning. You will want the fence to be in sections of 8ft. So mark of every 8ft, and that is where you will put your posts. Dig holes at least 1ft, but preferably 2ft deep and set posts in concrete. Then attach brackets if using metal posts, and then attach 2 horizontal 2ft by 4ft, one a foot or so from the bottom and one a foot or so from the top. After that, attach your fence boards, and your are pretty much done. Might want to put some post caps on or stain the wood, but other than cosmetic stuff, you have yourself a fence! After that, the fence is made up of Wood, Stone, Bamboo etc.