How depth was the titantic?

Updated: 12/15/2022
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when was the titantic built

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Q: How depth was the titantic?
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What was the depth of the Titantic?

12,600 ft. is the depth where the Titantic wreckage was found.

How many water tight rooms were on the titantic?

there 4000 rooms on the titantic

Why wasn't there enough life jackets on the titantic?

The titantic was built not to sink.

How many decks did the titantic have?

the titantic had many decks, although i dont know exactly how many

Did titantic hit dock?


What was the captian's name on the titantic?


What material was the titantic?


Who was the captain of the titantic?


When did the titantic sink?


Where was the titantic coming from?

Southampton, England.

How deep is Titantic?

About 13,000 feet

Where did the titantic launch?

south Hampton