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Q: How did Euclid's contribution help the people?
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What is euclids theory?

need a simple explanation of Euclids theory.

What is euclids area of expertise?

Euclids has expertise in server transaction performance monitor(Internet operations services for enterprise) for its expertise yodlee has selected Euclids for its transaction management performance monitoring.For more query and problems related to any educational to your assignments just log on to for online homework help and online assignment help.

Did Hypatia contribution help people?

She was able to make astrolabes for people.

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Contribution of working people in American society?

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What is the main contribution of psychoanalysis?

to help people with their problems and needs.

What are euclid contribution?

it was to help people by making math matical books.

What was the purpose of contribution?

The perpose is to help people who are in need. Some people do not have anything, and people who help them feel a sense of pride by helping people like that out.

Books written by euclid?

euclids elements

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Title of thirteenth book in euclids elements?