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It is a consequence of Euclids's parallel postulate.

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Q: Why does a triangles angles always add up to 180 degrees?
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What is true about the angles and sides on similar triangles?

All the Angles and sides on Triangles are always going to equal 180 Degrees

Are all triangles 180 degrees?

Yes. The three angles of a triangle always add up to 180 degrees.

Sum of the angles of a triangles?

The sum of the 3 angles of a triangle will ALWAYS equal 180 degrees.

How many degrees does a isosceles triangle have?

all triangles have 180 degrees even isosceles

What is the measurement of a triangles angle?

The total sum of all angles in any triangle is 180 degrees.

What is similar about all triangles?

they all have three sides, three angles, and the sum of their angles is always 180 degrees.

Are all triangles 180 degrees and what rule is it?

Yes the 3 interior angles of any triangle always add up to 180 degrees

Can a triangle have two angles?

No, a triangle cannot have two angles. Triangles always have three sides and three angles that add up to 180 degrees.

Using indirect reasoning to show that a triangle cannot have two right angles?

Triangles total 180 degrees. Triangles have three angles. Two angles of 90 degrees total 180 degrees.

Interior and exterior angles of triangles?

Interior angles are 180 degrees Exterior angles are 360 degrees

How many degrees are there in an isosceles triangle?

The sum of the internal angles of any triangle is always 180 degrees. It makes no difference what type of triangle; it is a fundamental truth of all triangles.

Do all triangles have the same sum of their angles?

Yes, all triangles have the sum of their angles as 180 degrees.