How did Sophie germain become a mathematician?

Updated: 8/16/2019
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because she liked math

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Q: How did Sophie germain become a mathematician?
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Related questions

Why did Sophie germain become a mathematician?

because she loveed math

What moved Sophie germain to become mathematician?

the legend of Archimedes' death

What is Sophie germain's full name?

The full name of Sophie Germain is Marie-Sophie Germain. She was French mathematician who contributed to the study of acoustics, elasticity, and the theory of numbers.

What School did Sophie Germain go to?

Sophie Germain was self educated until the age of 18 when she attended the Ecole Polytechnique. She was a well known mathematician, philosopher, and physicist.

What did the mathematician Sophie Germain die from and when?

she died from breast cancer on June, 26, 1831

Where did Sophie germain die?

French physicist and mathematician, Sophie Germain, died of breast cancer in Paris, France on June 27, 1831. She is buried at Pere Lachaise Cemetery.

What does Sophie Germain's death certificate list her occupation as?

they listed her as a rentier(property holder)

What did Sophie germain do to become famous?


Why was Sophie germain famous for?

She was a mathematician, physicist and philospher. One of the pioneers of the elasticity theory and most importantly, a woman.

Was Sophie germain married?

sophie germain never married

What is Sophie Germain's birthday?

Sophie Germain was born on April 1, 1776.

Why was Sophie Germain most remembered?

She was a French mathematician. The relationship x4 + 4y4 = (x2 + 2y2 + 2xy)(x2 + 2y2 − 2xy) is named after her.