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Q: How did adena adapting the environment?
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Adapting to the Dangerous environment?

Adapting to the dangerous eviorment ?

How did the Seminole adapt to their environment?

By adapting to it.

What is the difference between adapting and modifying to the environment?

adapting is like getting used to, but modifying is changing the environment based on your specific needs

How do people in Mongolia adapt to its environment?

by adapting

Which ways do trees contribute to their environment?

by adapting to their habitat

What does adapting the environment mean?

Adapting to a new environment means to changeto live. A Chameleon, for example, adapts to its desert environment by changing colors, so it can blend in to its surroundings so its predators wont see it.

Did the adena worship the land?

they worshipped there environment but they might have also worshipped land also.

Is adapting what it is called when animals change colors to hide from predators?

No this is hiding, not adapting. Adapting is when an animal changes it's eating habits and home life to fit it's environment.

How are the people of Japan adapting to their changing environment?

they are starting to live in huts

Where is the Adena Branch in Adena located?

The address of the Adena Branch is: 167 Hanna Ave, Adena, 43901 0486

Which behavior is an example of an animal adapting to a change in the environment?

a bird migrating south

What is the birth name of Adena Bjork?

Adena Bjork's birth name is Adena JoyBjork.