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Q: How did the Red Square get its name?
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What is the name of a figure in Red Square?

I think Lenin is entoumbed in red square in Moscow

What is the name of the square in Moscow?

Red Square, by any chance?

What is the famous building in Moscow?

the red square

Which city includes Red Square?

Red Square is in Moscow

Where is Saint Basil's Cathedral in red square is located?

St. Basil's in Red Square is, as noted, in Red Square. Red Square is in Moscow, in Russia, just outside the walls of the Kremlin.

Is the Red Square red?


What is the name of the red Mr men?

Mr Strong is the name of the red mr men He has also had his shape change over the years from square to almost a triangluar shape hoped this helped :)

What and where is red squaer?

Red Square is a large public square in Moscow.

In which city could you visit the Red Square?

The Red Square is located in Moscow, Russia.

When was Square - Red Square Black EP - created?

Square - Red Square Black EP - was created on 1994-10-11.

What city can i visit red square?

Red Square is in the Russian city of Moscow.

What city is the Red Square in?

The Red Square is a famous landmark in Moscow, Russia.