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The dentist helped the inmate go straight by removing the concavity.

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Q: How did the prison dentist help the inmate to go straight?
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How do you locate a facility a inmate is housed in?

If it is a County Jail, check for an on line inmate locator or call the jail and ask. If it is a state or federal prison - most states and the feds have on-line inmate locator services. Check the website applicable to your state. Some states like California require you to call. See the related link below for links to most county and state correctional facilities.

Find Missouri Prison Inmate?

If you are trying to locate a prisoner housed somewhere within the MO prison system, call the listing for the state bureau of prisons listed in the government pages of the phone book. Ask for their locater service, and they should be able to help you.

Where do KS inmates and their families get help for problems inside the prison?

In the state of Kansas, an inmate and their family may be able to get help from the Deputy Secretary who is responsible for community and field services. Her name is Katherine Graves and she can be contacted at 785-296-4520.

Do dentist help or make your teeth worse?


What is school dentist?

school dentist is when yo are a dentist for schools and that yo help with tooth pain , loose teeth and so on

What are the tasks for dentist?

teh task of a dentist are to help people with problems they might have in there mouth.

How do you find a person in prison in New York?

The State Bureau of Prisons should have a locater service. Call their number (located in the governemnt listings in the phone book), and with the name of the inmate, they should be able to tell you where he is housed. This will only work if the inmate has been remanded to THEIR custody. They will not be able to help you if the inmate is jailed in a local facility on a local charge. ________________________________________________________________________ The State of NY has an online "Inmate Look-Up Service". See the link below entitled "NY Inmate Lookup"

How do I send a care package to an inmate in Utah State Prison?

You can't. UDC does not allow outside packages to be sent. BUT, we are putting pressure on the officials to change this practice, since it at one time was allowed. if you want to help.

Can man change if he was violence and he was an inmate?

* It depends entirely on the individual and if they get the psychological help in prison that they should get. There are many inmates that will 'get the smarts' to improve their inner self as well as get an education while in prison, but, there are also those men that may use this system just to get out of prison earlier for 'good behavior.' Only a psychiatrist would be able to decide if a certain individual is fit to enter back into society.

If I already have dental hygenist training, will that help me train to become a dentist?

Having worked in the dental field will help you as you pursue a degree as a dentist.

What supreme court case allows correctional officials to prohibit inmate visitation of friends and relatives?

In Overton V.S Bazzetta is the Supreme Court case which set regulations on inmate visitation of friends and family. This court case was decided on June 16th, 2003, and was decided to help with security problems that occurred in the Michigan Prison.

Can she help fix teeth?

If she is a dentist then yes.