How difficult would it be to install a paver patio?

Updated: 9/17/2019
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We are remodeling our backyard and putting in a patio. How hard is it to install patio pavers without a contractor?

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Q: How difficult would it be to install a paver patio?
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How thick of sand under paver?

Hello, First i would like to say that its not only sand, you should have some gravel under the sand, for driveway you should go with 4.5" of gravel backyard patio you can go with 3.5" and sand is about 1.5" doesn't matter if its driveway or patio/walkway. don't forget that you should compact the sand and the paver as well.

Patio Chimney?

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How many 12x12 pavers do you need for a 12x 12 patio?

Dang, what happened to 2nd grade math? If you are talking a 12 inch by 12" paver in a 12" by 12" patio then you would need only one. If you are talking about a 12 inch by 12 inch paver in a 12 foot by 12 foot patio then you would need 144 pavers (12 X 12 = 144). However, I would suggest that if you cannot answer this question yourself you spend the extra money and hire someone to do the work. In doing so I would also suggest that you have someone else check the math in their bill because you probably won't know if they are overcharging you.

How many pavers would you need if the pavers are 12 inches x 12 inches and you need to cover a patio area of 12 feet x 12 feet?

Area of 1 paver 1 sq ft, area of patio 144 sq ft so 144 pavers.

Where could I find patio designs?

If you visit your local hardware store, they actually sell samples of different patio designs, which even give you instructions on how to install them properly. I would do that.

How would a person install a dog door on their patio?

There are many kits available to a person so that they can install a dog door on their patio. Start by making sure you have bought the right size door for your pet, check that you have the right tools and that all the pieces of the kit are there and then just simply follow the directions provided by the company.

Can you install a window air conditioner in a crank out window?

Generally speaking, this would be difficult to do.

How many pavers would you need for 168 square feet?

That would depend on the size of the paver.

paver installation?

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Where can I find services that would "makeover" my deck patio for a good price and in a timely fashion?

In ikea, they are cheap and they will help you install the one you want. Usually ikea would do it within a day or 2.Target also sell many products for patio and home depot. The personally help you.

How many 16X16 inch pavers would you need to fill a 10x10 foot area?

As with any math problem you will need to convert either side of the equation to the same units. in this case it is easier to convert to square inches. As each foot contains 12 inches then each side of your 10 foot square is 12 inches times 10 feet which is 120 inches. So each side is 120 inches long. To find the total square inches you just multiply the two sides. 120 X 120 = 14400. So you "patio" is 14400 square inches in size. Your pavers are 16 inches by 16 inches so multiply their two sides and you'll get 16 X 16 = 256 So a paver is 256 Square inches. Now that both the patio and the paver are in the same units you only need to divide the patio (14400) by a Paver (256) and that is 56.25 pavers. Round that up because they usually won't sell you a 1/4 paver. Here is how to make the patio come out right. Measure over from each corner one half the length of each side and place a pin in the ground. Stretch a string fairly tight across from one side pin to the other to create a cross. Place you pavers starting in the center with each of the first four paver's corners aligned with the corners created by the strings cross. continue laying the edges of the pavers along the strings until you reach the point where a paver will not fit in the space left. Carefully cut the last paver in the row to fit that remaining dimension. Repeat this in all directions until you have filled the 10 by 10 space. Be sure to maintain the same spacing between the pavers in all directions. If you do not have the ability to cut your pavers then you should probably follow the directions above only when you reach the point where a paver will not fit in the remaining space. Make that the new size of your patio and that will be about nine and a half feet by nine and a half feet square with 1/2 inch spacing between each 16 by 16 paver and you will need only 49 pavers.