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You can look it up on Google for exact numbers but an acre is about 44000 square feet or close to a 200 by 200 foot square or a 60 by 60 meter square, to give you an idea.

A square mile is 640 acres, which I think is a section, and a quarter section is 160 acres

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Q: How do I determine the acre size within a section of land?
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How much does one acre of land cost in Sedgwick Kansas?

An acre of land in Sedgwick, Kansas, can range from $3,937 to more thanÊ$14,000 per acre. The price depends on whether or not the land can be parceled from a larger section of land or not.

Limitation of two houses per acre in the residential section of a town?

Land-use law

How many hectares is in one quarter of land?

Since a quarter section of land is 160 acres, and 1 acre = 0.404 hectares, then 1 quarter section is equivalent to 64.78 hectares of land.

How far across a section of land?

It depends on the section of land and the unit of measure, a Section is 640 Acres, but an acre measures area, not distance. However, if the section is perfectly square, the distance across would be exactly 5,280 feet, or one mile.

How much is one acre of land in California?

One acre of land in California is about the same as one acre of land on the moon.

What is in a acre a land?

One acre of land contains 43,560 square feet.

How much is land per acre?

Land per acre really depends on the location. Land on the water is much more expensive per acre than land in the city.

Show a diagram of an acre of land?

show me a diagram of 1/4 acre of land

Price of an acre of land in Mississippi?

The cheapest land with no timber or structures in Mississippi is roughly $800 to $1200 an acre. Land with timber is closer to $1500 to $2500 an acre.

How much is per acre?

Land per acre really depends on the location. Land on the water is much more expensive per acre than land in the city.

What is an acre suburb area measurement?

it is a normal acre or land that can be purchased / owned with an added percentage to allow for paths and alleys and verges that the council own within the acre. If this calculation wasnt done, the acre would be slightly less than an acre in real terms when the council area was deducted.

How much does 1 acre of land cost in Jacksonville Florida?

The cost of an acre of land in Jacksonville Florida varies significantly. An acre of land in the city will be more than land in a rural setting.

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