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A rectangle with four equal sides would not be a rectangle, it would be a square.

In a rectangle opposite sides are equal in length and are parallel.

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Q: How do a rectangle with four equal sides look like?
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Related questions

How is a parallelogram like a rectangle?

they both have four equal sides

What shape looks like a rhombus and a rectangle?

A rhombus has four sides of the same length, and a rectangle has four angles of the same measure. A square has equal sides and equal angles.

What is a special rectangle that has 4 equal sides?

A square will have four equal sides, and four equal angles. It is a type of rectangle.Aparallelogram, which is also a type of a rectangle, can also have four equal sides, but not four equal angles. In this particular case, it's called a Rhombus.(Parallelograms look like slanted rectangles)The answer to your question is:Squares and Rhombi (plural for Rhombus) have four equal sides of equal magnitude.

Is a square like a rectangle?

A square has four equal length sides, a rectangle is a four sided shape with potentially different length sides --------------------- A rectangle can have sides of at most two different lengths and opposite sides must be equal. Also, both have four right angles, both have diagonals of equal length that bisect one another. Both (by virtue of being right angled) are cyclic quadrilaterals.

What makes a square and rectangle not alike?

Every square is a rectangle because a rectangle is a polygon with 4 sides (a quadrilateral) and 4 right angles. A square is a rectangle with 4 equal sides. So the thing that would makes some rectangles not like squares is they have only two sides of equal length and not four.

What does a non-square rectangle look like?

Any rectangle that does not have all of its sides of equal length will be a non-square rectangle. A square is a special form of rectangle. In a rectangle, all its interior angles are right angles. If all four sides are the same length, it's a square. If not, it's a non-square rectangle.

What is a nonsquare rectangle?

A non square rectangle is a rectangle with 2 equal or no equal sides Like a parallelogram, or a rombus

What is the name used to describe a polygon having four sides?

Parallelagram, Rhombus, Square, or Rectangle are the ones with congruent sides. There are also shapes like Trapezoids that do not have equal sides.

If a quadrilateral is a rectangle then it is a equilateral?

Not necissarily. Quadrilateral simply says it has 4 sides. A rectangle has perpendicular sides. Equilateral means that the sides are of equal length (like a square, which is a special case rectangle)

Does a rectangle have four sides?

yes, a rectangle does have four sides, but the one at the top and the one at the bottom are the same size, unlike the two at the sides which both are the same size but not like the on at the top and the one at the bottom.

Are rectangle's squares?

A square is a flat plain figure whose four sides are of equal length.A rectangle is a flat plain figure whose lengths are longer that the widths.So a rectangle is not like a square!

Why is a square a rectangle Please answer?

Presumably because it has four right angles and four straight sides that are parallel just like a rectangle has.

Why is a square a rectangle and a rectangle is not a square?

A square is a rectangle because the requirements for a rectangle is that it have two pairs of parallel sides. In other words, the opposites sides of a 4-sided shape need to be parallel. This is the case for a square making it a rectangle. The requirements for a square are that a 4-sided shape have congruent sides and angles, in other words, 90 degree angles for each angle, but the added requirement of having all sides equal. While a rectangle can have all sides equal, that would make it a square as well. _________________________________________ I think of it this way: a) Draw an 'x' through both the square and the rectangle. Now count the number of triangles created. b) A square and a rectangle are both: the sum of the area of 4 (equilateral) triangles. c) A square is the sum area of 4 equilateral triangles of the same dimensions. d) A rectangle is the sum area of 2 pair of equilateral triangles. Sooooo, they are both: a sum area of 4 triangles. But not all the triangles were created equal. If they are equal, then you have a square. If they are paired, then you have a rectangle. Basically, a square is a type of rectangle. It's like saying that all blueberry bagels are bagels, but not all bagles are blueberry bagels. Rectangles must have four right angles and four sides. The four sides must include two pairs that are opposite each other and equal in length. Squares and Rectangles meet these requirements, so all squares are technically rectangles. The additional requirement to classify a rectangle as a square is that all four sides must be equal. This is only true for squares, not all rectangles.

What would you need fora rectangle to be considered a rhombus?

A rectangle is a quadrilateral with all angles as 90 degrees. Also its opposite sides are equal in length and parallel to each other.A rhombus is a quadrilateral with all four sides equal. Like a rectangle, its opposite sides are equal in length and parallel to each other.So, a rectangle which is a rhombus is a square.

In what way is a rectangle like a parallelogram?

A rectangle has two sets of two opposite sides of equal length - as does a parallelogram.

How is a square like a recctangle?

Both a square and rectangle have four sides.

What word is a shape with four sides?

A tetragon or a quadrilateral, like a square or rectangle.

What does a rectangular look like?

A rectangle is a type of parallelogram (a four sided figure with two pairs of opposite parallel sides). In fact, a rectangle is an equiangular parallelogram, meaning all the angles are congruent. Using the polygon interior angle theorem, you can use simple math to find that all four angles in a rectangle equal 90 degrees (right angles). Also, the opposite sides of a rectangle are congruent. A picture of a rectangle is included in the link below.

Why aren't all rectangle squares?

Because they do not have 4 equal sides like square have

Is a rectangle also a paralellogram?

Think of it, a rectangle has 2 pairs of equal sides like a paralellogram and they both have 2 pairs of 2 parralell sides So i guess they are the same

What is the definition of rectangle?

a 4 sided figure where there are 2 sets of parallel sides, and all angles are 90 degrees.A rectangle is a quadrilateral with four right angles. Pairs of lengths can be equal, as in a square; or they can be different, like a sheet of a square but two sides are longer than the other two

Are all quadrilaterals squares?

no : A quadrilateral is any plane figure that has four sides.Squares are a special kind of quadrilateral with four equal sides and four right angles.No a quadrilateral is any 4 sided shape like a rectangle a trapezium ect

Does rectangular prism roll?

No the rectangular prism does not roll. It has four sides like a rectangle.

Is a rectangle a quadrilateral?

The word quadrilateral means "four sides". It refers to a shape that's on a flat surface. So a quadrilateral is any shape that has 4 sides Example: square. rectangle Some people like to say that a quadrilateral has four points. That's right but it's better to say that it has four sides. Note that a four-sided solid is called a tetrahedron.

Name a shape that does not have equal sides?

An irregular shape like the delta or triangle( not equilateral) oblong (rectangle).....